Malcolm Brogdon Sounds Off on Celtics Organization: ‘There’s a Lot of Good’

Malcolm Brogdon

Getty Malcolm Brogdon #13, Boston Celtics

After the Boston Celtics defeated the Charlotte Hornets on November 29, Malcolm Brogdon took the time to voice his appreciation for the Celtics’ organization as a whole while also revealing that he makes that clear to his Celtics’ teammates when they mingle with one another.

“It’s honestly a very common conversation I have with guys. Just about appreciating where they are. Marcus, Jayson, Jaylen, Grant, these guys haven’t seen other teams. So they don’t know how other organizations, other teams, how everything works in other places. There’s a lot of good here from the top down. The leadership down to the pts to the players. There’s a lot of good here. I remind the guys of that,” Brogdon said.

Brogdon also detailed that he tries to get his teammates to appreciate what they have with the Celtics because he, along with teammate Blake Griffin, have been in team situations where things were not going well.

“For me and Blake, we’ve been in situations where a team is not winning, where the team is really struggling, and there’s chaos. So definitely, I try to encourage the guys to be appreciative of what they have here.”

Brogdon played for the Milwaukee Bucks and the Indiana Pacers from 2016 to 2022 before coming to the Celtics, where he made it past the first round once. While Griffin got past that obstacle more often in his time with the Los Angeles Clippers and Brooklyn Nets, he has never made it to the conference finals in his NBA career.

Blake Griffin Praises Celtics’ Focus and Maturity

Griffin had his most productive game as a Celtic against the Hornets. While filling in for Al Horford as the team’s starting center, Griffin put up nine points and four rebounds while shooting four-of-five from the field in 22 minutes. This included finishing an alley-oop from Derrick White that excited the crowd in the second quarter.

Griffin caught up with Abby Chin of NBC Sports Boston, where he praised the Celtics’ focus and maturity as a team.

“I’ve noticed this from the time I got here. These guys come in here and work hard. They’re very mature about it,” Griffin said. “Everybody’s just very focused on one thing and it’s just fun to come to work and fun to play this way.”

Brogdon Among Top 15 Players in Three-Point Shooting Percentage

The Celtics shot 24-of-52 from three-point land when they defeated the Hornets. Brogdon shot six-of-nine from three, which vaulted him to 10th overall among players in three-point percentage as of November 28, shooting 46.9 percent from distance.

Though Brogdon is among the league leaders in that category, he is not the only Celtics to be on that list, and he’s not the highest one either. Sam Hauser, who shoots 48.9 percent from three, is ranked third among NBA players in that category. Al Horford, who shoots 48.7 from three, is tied with Josh Green for fifth among NBA players.

While Brogdon shoots the third-highest percentage among the Celtics, he is followed closely by Derrick White, who shoots 45.3 percent from three, and Grant Williams, who shoots 45.2 percent from three.

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