Robert Williams Reveals ‘Altercation’ Involving Marcus Smart

Getty Images Marcus Smart poses for a photo during Media Day at High Output Studios

After unexpectedly revealing what went down at the end of practice, Thursday, Boston Celtics center Robert Williams could be catching flak from some of his teammates.

That is, of course, if the Celtics abide by the rule: What happens at the Auerbach Center stays at the Auerbach Center.

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Or, maybe this isn’t a big deal.

Celtics’ Marcus Smart & Grant Williams Fight Over ‘Flopping’

Williams, while explaining how intense practice has been, this week, seemingly let one slip and mentioned an altercation that occurred between Marcus Smart and Grant Williams.

“Everybody out there battling. The altercation just happened at the end of the scrimmage with (Marcus) Smart and Grant (Williams),” Williams said. “But we brothers, we rather it happens here than happen on the court. You know what I’m saying? I just like the competitive energy from everybody.”

After Williams’ subtle mention of the altercation between his two teammates, he was asked to explain exactly what happened between Smart and Grant.

“Yeah, you know how it go. Grant flopping and s***, man,” Williams laughed. “You know how it go. He felt like he ain’t flop, (Smart) felt like he flop, you know? Like I said, it’s better to get that out s*** out now than when we play against other people.”

Robert also clarified the spat between the two was strictly verbal and never turned physical.

“You know we’re brothers, man,” Williams added. “That’s going to happen every day.”

Williams was also asked about his performance in the Celtics’ preseason opener against the Orlando Magic to which Rob said he’s still finding his footing as the fourth-year center is still getting used to the weight he put on during the offseason. The added muscle will take some getting used to.

Celtics’ Ime Udoka On Robert Williams: ‘We Know Where His Bread is Buttered’

Celtics head coach Ime Udoka, during his media availability after the game, talked about Williams’ performance.

“He may have settled for a few (jump shots) when he should have rolled a little bit more,” Udoka explained. “They run a pretty deep drop coverage. So, he was stopping in the mid-lane. We’ve been working on his touch-shot floaters and some of those. But, sometimes we even had to tell him, like Al was doing; he was hitting and getting out on the roll. We want him to do that, especially with him being such a good job lob threat. It’s a good mix, he’s shown he can make some.”

When in doubt, Ime wants to see Robert seeking high-percentage looks — which, for the most part, means getting to the bucket.

“We know where his bread is buttered,” Udoka added. “(It’s) him getting to the basket and causing that tension down there. He can mix it sometimes. But, we obviously want him to roll and be a threat down there more often.”

The Celtics preseason schedule continues against the Toronto Raptors, Saturday night at TD Garden.