KD on Kyrie Saging Pregame: ‘Kyrie probably sages his room before he plays 2K at home’

Kyrie Irving

Getty Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving share a laugh courtside at Barclays Center last season.

Brooklyn Nets Forward Kevin Durant is probably one of the most laid back dudes in the NBA, but last night he showed us his sense of humor. “That’s his thing. Kyrie probably sages his room before he plays 2K at home,” Durant said in a postgame interview.


Burning Sage Is Normal For Kyrie

Last night Durant’s teammate Kyrie Irving was seen burning sage in the air of TD Garden, the arena that he used to call home. As you could expect “sage gate” caused an uproar on social media.

The purpose of burning sage is to cleanse a person or rid an environment of negative energy to promote healing and wisdom. Although it may have seemed like petty trolling Kyrie insists that it was all about good vibes. “Being able to sage, just cleanse the energy, make sure that we’re all balanced,” Irving told the media after the game. “But, literally, it’s more or less for us to stay connected and for us to feel great about going to work and feeling safe and provided for from our ancestors. I’m not going to bring too much of the spirituality into basketball, but yeah, it’s part of my native culture where I’m from.”

Kyrie Still Has Great Relationships With Celtics Teammates

The pairing of Kyrie and the Celtics at one point seemed like the perfect match. In 2018 Kyrie all but guaranteed fans that he would re-sign with the Celtics the following summer but an injury-riddled season led him to join KD in Brooklyn in free agency. Still, Kyrie insists that the friendships that he built with his former teammates have never wavered. “I’m grateful to be able to have relationships with a lot of these guys who are still here, guys who aren’t here still,” said Kyrie. “At the end of the day, we went to war together. And I respect all those young men down there.”

Irving and the Nets have looked great in the preseason making their record 2-0 as they blew the Celtics out 113-89 last night. Much like his short time in Boston, Kyrie’s teammates respect his game as well as what he brings to the locker room from a cultural standpoint. “We all respect him,” said Durant. “We respect his method, and he comes out here and plays extremely hard for us.”

Dress rehearsals are over and Kyrie and the Nets suit up for the real deal Tuesday Night in their season opener against the Warriors.


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