Kevin Durant, Nets Teammate Mock Kyrie Irving On Instagram

Getty Images Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving went live on Instagram before their first preseason game of 2020-2021

Brooklyn Nets All-Star Kyrie Irving went live on Instagram over the weekend. Two of his teammates, including Kevin Durant, checked in and it led to two funny exchanges between the three.

Caris LeVert, who Kyrie asked for by name at the start of the live broadcast, joined Irving while Kyrie was seated “pretzel-style” on the floor in front of his camera. LeVert gave Irving a hard time.

“Why you sitting crisscross, apple sauce?” LeVert joked before Irving told him how comfortable of a space he’s in. When LeVert made more comments about it, Kyrie turned the music down and wanted clarification before the Nets backup guard laughed it off and changed the subject.

Kyrie Irving To Kevin Durant: ‘In My Past Life, Like I Said, I was Was You’

The best moments came after LeVert checked out and Durant hopped in. The two began discussing strategy and how the team’s offense can excel.

“You told me once we decided to play for the Nets that you needed four post-ups a night, I mean, eight post-ups a night, four each half,” Durant said. “I think that’s too much for a 6 (-foot-) 1 point guard. I think that might hold up our offense. I wonder why you decided to play more of a big than your normal position.”

Irving went into his explanation of how he feels and that although he’s less than 7-feet tall; that’s not the kind of how he feels when he’s on the floor.

“In my past life, like I said, I was you,” Irving said. “I was you. What you are now, that’s what I’m up here; same mentality.”

Durant wasn’t feeling it.

“I don’t think that’s good for the continuity of our offense if our point guard always wants to be under the rim,” Durant replied.

Irving explained how he’s a mismatch against opposing guards after Durant joked about Kyrie’s size when Kevin attempts lob passes into the paint. The two tried to come to a compromise in addressing the number of post-ups Irving is allowed during a game.

Kyrie agreed to do even post-ups, instead of eight.

“We’re going to see,” Durant replied. “We’ll see.”

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving’s Brooklyn Nets Debut

The NBA got its first glance at the Irving-Durant tandem Sunday night when the Nets took on the Washington Wizards in Brooklyn. Durant, who missed the entire season last year due to surgery to repair his ruptured Achilles injury, returned to the floor for the first time since the 2019 NBA Finals.

The two combined for 33 points on 12-of-21 attempts from the floor to lead the Nets to a 119-114 preseason win. Durant connected on 5-of-12 shots to go with two blocks in 24 minutes.

Irving dished four assists and drained a pair of 3-pointers in 17 minutes. And for the record, he also attempted two post-ups and made both of them.

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