NBA Hall of Famer Sounds Off on Nets Stars Dominant ‘MVP-Caliber’ Season

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant

Getty Kyrie Irving #11 and Kevin Durant #7 of the Brooklyn Nets celebrate during the first half of the game against the Indiana Pacers

After a summer whirlwind involving trade demands and ultimatums, Kevin Durant has been one of the best players in the NBA for the Brooklyn Nets this season. The superstar forward is having an MVP-caliber season averaging 29.7 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 5.3 assists per game. However, his impressive season took a turn on Sunday, January 8, when he suffered a knee injury with 36.6 seconds left in the third quarter. After a January 9 MRI, it was announced that Durant sprained his MCL in the injury, and he would be re-evaluated in two weeks. On January 10, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported an updated timetable for Durant’s return for an ‘optimistic’ 4 weeks. 

Magic Johnson Praises Durant’s ‘Dominate’ Season

The Nets stay optimistic while they prepare for Durant’s expert. Kyrie Irving sent a strong message about the strength of the Nets’ roster, but he will be missed. Brooklyn isn’t the only one that will miss Durant’s presence on the court. NBA Hall of Famer Earvin’ Magic’ Johnson shared a tweet saying he “can’t wait” for KD to get back on the floor, along with other injured superstars, and he also gave the nod to the “dominate’ (a likely typo for dominant) season that Durant is having for the Nets. 

“Four guys that NBA fans like me can’t wait to come back and play are Kevin Durant, Joel Embiid, Devin Booker and Anthony Davis. They were all having MVP-type seasons and have been dominate at their positions!” Johnson tweeted

Magic Johnson’s Twitter account has become well-known among NBA Twitter. He’s known for his simple analysis and coverage of a game recap or a star player’s performance. Deadspin’s David Roth described the Hall of Famers’ tweets as Johnson “posts with all the gleeful dorky comfort of a grandparent signing their name at the end of a Facebook comment.” While his breakdowns on the bird app may be simple, Magic pointing out dominance and calling a player’s season “MVP-caliber” is a compliment. Just like Johnson, the Nets franchise can’t wait for Durant to return to the court, either. 

Nets Players on Kevin Durant’s Absence

Durant missing games is of course, not ideal for the Nets. However, the Slim Reapers teammates commented about what the Nets could do while their star forward is out of games. Royce O’Neale was confident that they will still play the high-level basketball they’ve been playing. 

“I think it’s us sticking to the game plan, adjusting,” O’Neale said. “We’re going to keep playing the basketball that we are. Especially on the defensive end. It’s going to take all of us, that’s what we been doing all year.”

Fellow Nets star Kyrie Irving shared the same confidence that the team could carry on in Durant’s absence. 

“Now I think it shapes into all-around offense and guys being ready to play and make an impact out there. I think one of the best qualities of our team is our bench and the way we support each other despite who is in the lineup. Now it’s just time to go out and exemplify that until we figure out the timeline of K and when he can be available again,” Irving said postgame. 

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