Nets Linked to ‘Win-Now’ Trade Package in Proposed 3-Team Trade for Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving

Getty Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets.

The Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers have been having back and forths all summer regarding Kyrie Irving. LeBron James has made it clear that he would like to be reunited with his former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate this offseason. The door for the deal opened up after a rather turbulent contract negotiation between Brooklyn and their All-Star point guard. That left Irving looking at the potential of signing with the Lakers for a $6 million mid-level extension. However, that looks to be like a rumor that was to create leverage in long-term negotiations. The Nets remained unwilling to sign Irving long-term and allowed him to seek a potential sign-and-trade partner. Only the Lakers were interested, and a deal is yet to get done. 

The Lakers are offering Russell Westbrook in their negotiations with Brooklyn, and the Nets have made it clear they want more than that. In LeBron’s recent extension negotiations, the team pledged that they would be open to parting with both of their first round draft picks in trades this offseason, and they have offered that to the Nets. However, Brooklyn rejected that offer and has been reported to be wanting ‘win-now‘ players in return for Kyrie. 

“The Nets’ current stance, sources say, is that they are unwilling to send out Irving in a trade if the deal solely brings back future assets. They apparently want win-now talent in return to part with Irving, despite all of the turmoil that has engulfed the Nets for months,” Marc Stein wrote in his recent column

Nets Get ‘Win-Now’ Stars in Three-Team Trade Proposal

In a recent trade proposal shared by Mad Dog Radio’s Rick Kamala, the analyst tweeted a potential three-way trade that rids Brooklyn of Kyrie Irving and where they would get back a potential ‘win-now’ player package. 

“Kam’s proposed 3-team trade between #Lakers #Nets and #Pacers 

LAL gets – Kyrie and Seth Curry 

BKN gets – Hield, Turner and K.Nunn 

IND gets – Westbrook and 2 firsts from the Lakers

Who says no?” Kamala tweeted

Objectively the trade is pretty balanced. Los Angeles finally gets Irving and pairs it with the shooting of Seth Curry, who would thrive on a team with James. Why the Indiana Pacers would be interested in taking on the contract of Russell Westbrook and draft picks that may or may not be good is confusing, but the team has been trying to free itself from Buddy Hield and Myles Turner for some time now. 

Hield averaged 15 points, 4 rebounds, and nearly 3 assists per game last season in Indiana. In his career, he’s averaged nearly 40% shooting from deep and would be a welcome addition to the Nets roster. Turner is an athletic rim protector that can stretch the floor for the Nets and play minutes or platoon with Nic Claxton. Nunn is also a quality point guard that can shoot that would enter the Nets rotation. 

Nets Move on From Irving

Perhaps most importantly for Brooklyn, it could be moving on from the headache of Kyrie Irving. The team at one time was reported to be so done with Irving that they would be open to using its stretch and waive provision on the star point guard. The guard is said to be in a ‘good place‘ with the Nets franchise, but with a package this good for him it could be the time to pull the trigger on an Irving deal. 

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