3-Time All-Defensive Selection ‘Sees Himself’ in Bulls Rookie

Dalen Terry, Chicago Bulls

Getty Dalen Terry #25 of the Chicago Bulls poses during the 2022 NBA Rookie Portraits

The Chicago Bulls could have an All-Defensive level talent in rookie Dalen Terry and he is making the most out of every moment. He flew to Chicago right after the draft and got to work. Then, the energetic “Swiss army knife” headed back out West to the summer pro-am circuit.

He dropped 56 points at TheCrawsOver on August 13.

Terry has also been taking part in star-studded workouts alongside teammate Patrick Williams and a host of other notable NBA talent.

It was in this setting that Terry received a nugget of wisdom from a rival, veteran Toronto Raptors assistant Earl Watson. Watson took time out of the session to point something very important out to the Bulls rookie.

Earl Watson’s Words of Wisdom

In a scene that Watson posted on Instagram, he can be seen at Rico Hines surrounded by several NBA players both past and present. Watson was flanked by fellow NBA retiree Baron Davis on one side and Williams can be seen in the background.

Earlier in the week, images surfaced of Terry and Williams getting work in with Los Angeles Clipper star Paul George.

They also got some work in with Utah Jazz guard and Chicago native, Patrick Beverley.

It seems as though Beverley’s trademark style might have affected Terry adversely. Watson had to let him know that shouldn’t be the case.

“He’s coming in here to work on his game, [Paul George]. Pick him up full-court, push him. He wants to be pushed and to work on his counters. He don’t want to come in here and shoot drill shots every day. He wants to be pushed. Pascal [Siakam’s] the same way. Two of the best 1-on-1 scorers in our f****** league that will slay anybody.”

That, Watson says is not exactly what Beverley is bringing or looking for in return.

But he says that the goal is all the same and that is something, not just Terry, but all young players should remember.

“PatBev wants somebody to come in here, pick him up full-court with all that clapping s***, looking to get better and working on his craft. Instead, he’s coming in here with all that talking and, [Terry]…he’s looking to make you better. It might not come across like that. But he sees himself in you. He’s coming at you to make you better.”

That is lofty praise if the rookie has truly already earned that kind o respect from Beverley one of the game’s best energy guys on the defensive end. His effort and energy are how he has gone from being the 42nd-overall pick into a 12-year career and three-time All-Defensive selections.

Watson was not done imparting knowledge.

“At the end of the day we talked about don’t be afraid to be embarrassed, Dom had like 15 blocks. I’m not even making this s*** up…He gets dunked on one time and the s*** is going to be clickbait. But I’m taking 15 blocks to one dunk every time.”

There is no doubt the message got through to the rookie who shared the clip of Watson on his own Instagram story.

Dalen Terry’s Calling Card

One of the first things Bulls general manager Marc Eversley mentioned about Terry was his energy. Head coach Billy Donovan told him that was the one thing that he cannot lose as the season wears on.

But it might take a while for it to translate given how deep the Bulls guard rotation is.

NBC Sports Chicago’s Adam Amin joined David Kaplan on “Unfiltered” on August 15 to talk about what Terry’s ideal role might look like in his first year.

“Terry could be a very positive addition to the second unit at both ends of the floor. He’s not going to be asked to score 10 points a game. He’s going to be asked to defend…solidly against good guards and good wing players, and he’s going to be asked to run. And, if he does those things, he can contribute 6.0, 8.0 points a game. Give me a steal or two a game. Give me good help-side defense.”

Beverley’s parting message to the young guys in attendance fit Amin’s description of Terry’s role and what Watson was trying to convey.

One NBA executive told Heavy’s Sean Deveney that Terry was “NBA ready”.

Kaplan somewhat dismissed counting on the rookie. But if he can bring the same type of energy in practice that he got from Beverley at Rico Hines, he will still be helping to make his teammates better.

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