Kyrie Irving Pushes Mavericks to Make Blockbuster Trade: Report

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban sits alongside Kyrie Irving.

Getty Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban sits alongside Kyrie Irving.

Could the Dallas Mavericks roll out a team of Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, and LeBron James next season? Well, it sounds like Irving thinks so. According to Bleacher Report’s Chris Haynes, the All-Star guard wants the Mavs to swing a trade with the Los Angeles Lakers for his old running mate, James.

“A new twist has emerged in the LeBron James-Kyrie Irving reunion plot, as league sources have told Bleacher Report Irving wants the Dallas Mavericks to explore trading for LeBron James this offseason to create a Big 3 alongside himself and Luka Doncic,” Haynes wrote.

Now, does this mean that Mavericks fans should start buying custom jerseys with James’ name on the back?

Absolutely not.

There’s no real path to Irving’s dream coming true. In order for the Lakers to agree to a deal, they’d have to feel like they’re getting something worthwhile in return. No one should know better than Dallas’ fans that the team’s roster doesn’t include players good enough to entice L.A.

The entire story of the second half of the season was how Doncic and Irving didn’t have enough help to win games.

Haynes dove into the circumstances that would allow such a monumental deal to happen.

“Any chance of forming a James-Irving-Doncic Big 3 under the NBA’s strict new Collective Bargaining Agreement will be difficult,” Haynes explained. “The new CBA resembles a hard cap, making it very difficult to have three max players on a roster. In order for Irving and James to partner with Doncic, the two would have to take a sizable pay cut. The easiest—and unlikeliest—path to adding James this offseason would be for him to orchestrate a buyout.”

Mavericks Planned to Go After LeBron James at Trade Deadline

Haynes included another interesting anecdote in his June 5 article. He revealed that the Mavericks had hoped to pursue James ahead of this season’s trade deadline, but the Lakers wound up making moves to improve the roster around the 38-year-old instead.

“The Mavericks were preparing to make an offer for James last season when the Lakers were spiraling, sources say. But the Lakers made a string of trades near the deadline that changed the trajectory of their season.”

There was no indication of what it would’ve taken to pry James from the Lakers, but it’s tough to imagine that the Mavs would’ve had enough.

Bill Simmons Predicted LeBron James Move to Mavericks

On the heels of Haynes’ report, an old take from The Ringer’s Bill Simmons has begun to look like it could end up being on the money.

Back in late March, Simmons mentioned a possible formation of a super team in Dallas, including Doncic, Irving, James, and Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green.

“I think he ends up in Dallas with Kyrie and with Luka, and then LeBron tries to figure out a way to get there eventually,” Simmons said. “Yeah, that’s my prediction.”

Again, The King’s potential path to dawning the Mavs blue and white, seems like a difficult one. It’s difficult to imagine a deal where both teams walk away feeling like they made the right move.