Blake Griffin Reveals That He ‘Really Liked’ The Warriors


A few weeks ago, the Brooklyn Nets picked up power forward Blake Griffin in a buyout agreement with the Detroit Pistons. It’s evident that he couldn’t turn down the opportunity to play on the roster of one of the favorites to win the NBA title this season. With this decision, however, Griffin revealed that he was highly considering other teams than the one that he landed with. Although Griffin ultimately decided to sign with the Nets, the star forward revealed that the Golden State Warriors were also at the top of his list.

Griffin Considered the Warriors


Not many people were shocked by Griffin’s decision to go to the Brooklyn Nets. With star teammates Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden on the roster, it probably wasn’t that hard of a choice to head to Brooklyn. By adding Griffin to the roster, it further gave the Nets this multitude of talent, which includes two former league MVPs.

On “Pardon My Take,” a popular podcast by Barstool Sports, Blake Griffin revealed that he “really liked” Golden State as an option. Although he did not choose the Warriors, it’s interesting to see that he had a positive outlook on the team and that he could potentially see himself on the roster.

What sparked this response was the inquiry of what teams he considered joining, specifically the Phoenix Suns which is now home to his former teammate Chris Paul. He responded that it wasn’t then listed the teams that he actually considered being a part of, that being the Boston Celtics, Portland Trail Blazers, Golden State, and the Nets. All four of these teams did seem fitting for the 6-foot-9 forward. It’s also necessary to note that all of these teams would have also possibly given him a chance to make a title run.

Although the Nets won Griffin over, the Warriors could have definitely used his dominance on the floor. The team has been having issues this season with their bigs and adding Griffin would have definitely added some reinforcement to their frontcourt. Being that the Warriors lost both Kevon Looney and James Wiseman around the same time back in February, they could use some size to help in the future.

Golden State Could Have Used Griffin


Before the trade deadline that is approaching on Tuesday, the team may look to trade for a big man to help with their playoff hopes. However, adding a veteran like Griffin who used to be among the best in the league would have been more fitting.
With the Pistons, Griffin averaged 12.3 points per game, which is a decline from his previous two seasons with the team. Still, there is a future for him in the league and there’s much room for him to prove that he can be a major component of an elite team.

Griffin made his debut with the Nets on Sunday night and even managed to dunk which he hasn’t done since 2019. He managed to play 15 minutes against the Washington Wizards and finished with just two points. This specifically wasn’t much of an impact, however, it still must pain teams like Boston and Golden State to see him out on the court in a deal that they missed on.