Curry Confesses to Bad In-Game Habit: ‘I Have a Sick Mind’


A lot of professional athletes feed off of hate. It’s the fuel that they sometimes need to push them a little further. Golden State Warriors All-Star Steph Curry is no stranger to hate. Whenever Curry isn’t playing his best, he goes to the one place where he can guarantee he will uncover a lot of hate. That’s Twitter. In an interview on a podcast, Curry explained why he enjoys reading tweets during games.

Curry Reads His Mentions During Games


During a recent appearance on NBC Sports Bay Area’s “Dubs Talk” podcast, Curry detailed how he genuinely enjoys reading tweets during games.

I might have like a sick mind. It’s pure entertainment for me, to be honest. I don’t take myself too seriously when I play well or when I don’t, ‘cuz I know it’s the same intentions in trying to be great. So, like, when I go read ’em, it’s hilarious just how you want to fall off a cliff if I’m 0-for-8 from the 3-point line, or I’m not shooting enough … or a night like 53 in chasing Wilt [Chamberlain] where I can do no wrong.

Ex-teammate Andrew Bogut, who played with Curry for five seasons, even recalled moments when he was playing with Curry and how he had this habit of checking his Twitter mentions during halftime whenever he felt like he was performing badly. It’s pretty intriguing to think about Curry scrolling through his social media feed while the team is attempting to regroup during halftime. However, this has probably happened numerous times this season.

What started this recent spark of Curry being on social media during games was on Wednesday night when the Warriors were playing the Oklahoma City Thunder, Curry “liked” a tweet from Grant Liffmann of the “Dubs Talk” team during halftime. This was the same night that the All-Star dropped an explosive 42 points.

Curry Uses Social Media For a Much Different Purpose


It isn’t shocking that Curry knows he has hecklers on social media that talk about his game. It was obvious in his play that Curry is responding to his haters when he continuously drops 30+ points in every matchup. Coincidentally, this performance came after comments have been circulating that Curry can’t lead the Warriors to the playoffs.

Curry is currently averaging 30.7 points per game this season. He has astonishingly scored 95 points in the last two games. In a matchup against the Nuggets on Monday, the guard passed Wilt Chamberlain as the franchise’s leading scorer. Although Curry has a lot of haters on social media platforms, he knows how to use them to his advantage.

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