Woj Drops Bombshell Update on Draymond Green’s Warriors Future

Draymond Green Warriors-Grizzlies Game 6

Getty Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green reacts during a playoff game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Throughout the 2021-22 campaign — especially once it became clear that A) the team was pretty darn good and B) Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole were both ascending — fans and pundits alike wondered whether the Golden State Warriors could actually afford to keep their team together.

So far, though, chairman Joe Lacob has turned his nose up at those who claimed the Warriors were destined for some level of teardown given their wild luxury tax crunch. In the last week alone, the Dubs have committed $232-plus million guaranteed (with millions more in incentives) through 2026-27 to the wing duo.

Poole’s signing, in particular, was noteworthy after the backcourt wunderkind was on the receiving end of a brutal face-punch from veteran Draymond Green. In the wake of that incident, some wondered whether the club might make a choice between the 23-year-old and his 32-year-old counterpart.

There was also a possibility that Green — who has a player option for 2023-24 — could simply fly the coop. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, though, there’s a strong possibility that Green will remain in the Bay Area beyond this season.

Woj Sounds Off on Draymond’s Player Option

Wojnarowski made an appearance on ESPN’s NBA Today on Monday to discuss the myriad stories making the rounds in the Association. However, host Malika Andrews was particularly interested in his take and/or intel on Green’s current standing with the Dubs.

His update was music to the ears of those Dub Nation citizens who have been hoping that the punch wouldn’t rock their team’s boat.

“For Draymond Green, with that $27.5 million option next season, he almost assuredly is going to exercise that,” Woj declared. “I’m not sure that money, on a long-term deal, is going to be available on the marketplace.

Not only that — Woj is also of the opinion that the sides could still extend their partnership; bruised egos, bitter feelings and tax bills notwithstanding.

“Two years left on his deal, there can be room for an extension at the end of those two years, or a new deal that probably is south of that $27.5 million. Perhaps isn’t a raise off that. But if the Warriors are winning and Draymond is still a highly productive player and wants to be there, I don’t think it means that his days are necessarily numbered in Golden State.”

If Green Opts In, the Dubs’ Total Bill Will Be Jaw-Dropping

Woj added that Lacob “has shown a willingness to spend deeper into the luxury tax than anyone ever has in the league” — a statement that probably doesn’t go far enough in describing the situation. With Wiggins and Poole already locked in at premium rates, Green opting in would send Golden State’s total salary and tax bill into the stratosphere.

Here’s the breakdown, per ESPN’s front office guru and former league exec Bobby Marks:

“Golden St. payroll and tax penalty in 2023/24 will likely exceed $500M once the roster is filled,” tweeted Marks. That factors in Draymond Green opting-in to his $27.6M player option… With 12 players — Salary: $215M, Tax: $268M, Total: $483M.”


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