Draymond Green’s Sisters: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Draymond Green

Getty Draymond Green

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green was Mary Babers-Green’s third and youngest child and he grew up in Saginaw, Michigan, with his two older siblings, a sister named LaToya Babers and a brother named Torrian Harris. Green also has two other half-sisters, Jordan and Gabby Davis, as well as a younger brother named Braylon Green.

Here’s what you need to know about Draymond Green’s sisters:

1. Draymond Green Was Raised By His Mother, Mary Babers-Green, & He Grew Up With 2 Siblings, an Older Sister & Brother

Green grew up in Saginaw, Michigan, with his mother, Mary Babers-Green, as well as an older brother Torrian Harris and an older sister named LaToya Babers. According to Bleacher Report, the house was always full of extended family members and friends and filled with laughter.

Green’s biological father is Wallace Davis. When he was growing up, his mother was married to his stepfather Raymond Green and he took his last name instead, despite the couple splitting when Green was about 12. Afterward, the future basketball star lived with just his single mother and his older brother and sister.

However, he also has two half-sisters from his biological father, who are Jordan Davis and Gabby Davis. While Green hasn’t posted photos with his younger sisters on social media, the family is close-knit and the two young women have opened up about growing up with a famous brother.

2. Draymond Green’s Older Sister Is LaToya Babers, Who Lives in Saginaw & Is a High School Coach

Green’s older sister is LaToya Babers, who lives in Saginaw, Michigan, along with most of Green’s family. According to her Facebook, she attended Saginaw High School like her younger brothers before going to Michigan State University and studying elementary education and teaching.

LaToya Babers now works as an educator at Saginaw High School, her social media shows, and she is a mother. A high school newsletter stated that LaToya Babers was the coach of the junior varsity volleyball team alongside her aunt Annette Babers, who coached varsity.

It added that LaToya Babers “has been coaching here for years beside her auntie, Annette Babers. Latoya lives by the motto ‘The race isn’t given to the swift nor strong but to those that will endure to the end.’ Latoya graduated in 2004 from Saginaw High and left her mark. She was one of the best volleyball players during her time here.”

Green’s older sister is very supportive of his career and frequently posts updates on her social media and congratulations for big moments in his NBA career. In 2009, when he was playing at Michigan State, she told MLive that she was confident he would become a star.

“He said when he went (to Michigan State) that he was going to play in the Final Four,” she said. “Now, they want to win a championship, and next year, he’s going to do it.” She added, “Next year he’s going to be the man. He’s determined to be the man.”

3. Draymond Green Has a Younger Sister Named Jordan Davis, Who Just Graduated From Indiana University & Was a Commencement Speaker

Green has two younger sisters, Jordan and Gabby Davis, who both grew up in Ohio. Jordan Davis graduated from high school in 2018 and then attended Indiana University Bloomington from 2018 to 2022, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, international business and Spanish. Her LinkedIn states that she attended university on the William R. Fry Scholarship, a full-ride scholarship.

Jordan Davis graduated with highest distinction in May 2022, won several awards and recognitions during her time at school, and she was a student speaker at the undergraduate commencement ceremony.

According to her LinkedIn, Jordan Davis now works at Bain & Company as an associate consultant and lives in Dayton, Ohio. She’s also the co-host of a podcast titled “you’re too loud!,” described as a podcast to “celebrate the good in the world, confront difficult conversations, and ask the important questions, all while making you laugh with their black girl magic.”

Jordan Davis also recently launched a talk show series on YouTube called “Do I Know You?” in February 2023 in which she shared that her goal is to become a successful talk show host. “I study hosts very carefully because it’s my craft, it’s what I wanna be really excellent at,” she spilled.

4. Jordan Davis’ YouTube Show Is About Growing Up the Sibling of a Famous Athlete & She Speaks to Other Celebrities’ Children or Siblings

Jordan Davis launched her new series, “Do I Know You?” early in 2023. Her series is focused on growing up the sibling or child of a celebrity and the impact it’s had on her search for identity. In her introductory video, she said, “My brother is Draymond Green, he plays in the NBA, Golden State Warriors.”

She said, “I love my brother so much, I love all my family so much.” Later, she said she and Green are similar in the passion that they have for what they love. “For him, it’s basketball, for me it’s this talk show,” she shared.

Jordan Davis said she’s 22 years old and just graduated college and she wanted to speak with other siblings or children of celebrities to find out about their own unique identities. She shared that she was always more interested in theater and drama than sports and pointed out in one episode that she felt the school she attended was very focused on basketball, which made her experience feel more intense.

She added that she’s found that people often have preconceived notions about her before they even meet her. “I’ve realized that when people learn who my brother is, they automatically before I even walk in a room, they just think I’m gonna walk in and cross them up or ask them to play horse or dunk on them,” she shared.

In addition to feeling like some people project onto her their perceptions of how she should be, she said another issue she noticed is that “people want clout and they will search for that however they can get it.” She shared that she’s had people immediately try to become her friend after they find out she has a celebrity athlete for a brother.

While speaking with her sister Gabby Davis in an episode, the talk show host said she normally doesn’t post much about her brother on social media. She said she wants to share photos of all her siblings when they have accomplishments, like LaToya Babers or Green, but she sometimes feels like she has to hold back to avoid getting judged by others.

5. Draymond Green Has Another Younger Sister Named Gabby Davis Who Is a Talented Singer & In Her Senior Year of High School

Green also has another younger sister, Gabby Davis, who is a high school senior. She appeared on her sister Jordan Davis’ podcast “Do I Know You?” and shared that she was going to be 18 years old in April 2023.

Gabby Davis described herself as “very well-rounded” and “passionate,” and said she is more interested in dance and singing than sports. She told her older sister that when people find out her brother is an NBA star, they always ask her if she also plays basketball. “I was not tall, I was the shortest one on the court,” she confessed.

Instead, Gabby Davis said she’s passionate about music and is a singer who leads worship at her church. “I’m also in an award-winning a cappella group from my high school called Forte,” she shared. The a cappella singer even revealed that she made it into the A Cappella Academy, a 10-day vocal music program that takes place every summer in Los Angeles, California.

Gabby Davis said she’s been singing a cappella for three years and this summer at the Academy will be her second in a row. She told her older sister that her goal was to become a professional singer. In the meantime, she revealed that she’ll be attending the University of Dayton after high school and studying public relations. Like her older sister, she also received a full-ride scholarship.