Warriors’ Draymond Green Reveals Why He Enjoys Yelling at James Wiseman


The Golden State Warriors saw a lot of potential in ex-Memphis center James Wiseman as they selected him as their No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. With the Warriors without one of their star guards, Klay Thompson, for the entirety of the season, Wiseman had to immediately step up as soon as he debuted in the NBA. However, being this new to the league, there is a lot of pressure associated with playing a vital role in an organization so early into your career.

Warriors’ star forward Draymond Green took it upon himself to take the rookie under his wing this season and get him acquainted with getting accustomed to his role in the NBA. Green has offered lots of wisdom to the rookie as he progresses in his career in the league. In an interview with Rachel Nichols, Green discussed his mentorship of Wiseman and even the hilarious reason he enjoys yelling at the young rookie.

Green Discusses His Mentor Role


As arguably one of the best defensive players in the league, Green is skilled in the art of passion and aggression. In this interview with Nichols, the 2017 Defensive Player of the Year went into detail about the responsibility he has taken on as a mentor to Wiseman.

Of course, Green wants to see Wiseman evolve into one of the league’s best centers in the future, and he possesses the capability to help build the 19-year-old. Green has made sure to take Wiseman under his wing in order to not only groom him into a better teammate but into a great player overall. Being sharp not just physically, but mentally is key to shaping a player.

Through 24 games, Wiseman is averaging almost 12.2 points and 6.1 rebounds per game. Although he hasn’t established much consistency, he still has an admirable skillset for it to be this early in his career. With the mentorship of Draymond, there’s no doubt that the rookie can be groomed into an All-Star.

Why Draymond Enjoys Yelling at Wiseman


In the same interview Green also went into detail about how he is constantly vocal with Wiseman on the court. He even revealed a hilarious reason why he likes to yell at the rookie during games.

Nichols mentioned how All-Star Klay Thompson revealed that he was thrilled that Green had found someone other than him to yell at on the court. Green responded by saying that he yells at Wiseman now because Thompson is no longer the young one on the roster, Wiseman has taken his place. This is interesting since Thompson celebrated his 31st birthday on Monday.

What makes the idea of Green constantly yelling at a “young” Thompson slightly comical is the fact that Green is only one year older than Thompson. Despite joining the league a year after Thompson, Green spent a longer period of time in college than Thompson.

Still, the two have built a strong relationship through their careers on the Golden State roster. Now with Wiseman being a vital factor for the Warriors’ future, Green has taken the job of mentoring the rookie early in his future and Green has made it clear that by yelling at Wiseman he’s only trying to get the most out of him.

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