Kevin Durant, Draymond Green Blast Warriors Front Office Over Breakup


Getty Golden State Warriors forwards Kevin Durant and Draymond Green during a game in 2018.

Golden State Warriors All-Star Draymond Green welcomed former teammate Kevin Durant onto his Bleacher Report show “Chips” recently, and the highly-anticipated interview was finally released on Wednesday. The duo met for nearly a half hour to address numerous touchy subjects regarding the two star’s careers, including their infamous heated argument during a 2018 game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Many have speculated over the last few years that this moment led to the eventual fallout in the Draymond-KD relationship and ultimately caused Durant to leave the Bay Area in the 2019 offseason, but both players agreed that that wasn’t exactly the case.

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Green ran through questions and conversation with Durant in relative chronological order, beginning by talking about KD’s high school playing days, shifting to a bit of talk about playing for a season at the University of Texas, then moving to his tenure with the Oklahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors, and finally where he’s at currently with the Brooklyn Nets. The bulk of the discussion, and the most head-turning dialogue definitely surrounded Durant’s years with Golden State though.

Green Says Warriors’ Brass ‘F—– It up’ With Durant


GettyGolden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant and general manager Bob Myers in 2016.

After spending nine years with the Thunder – and Seattle SuperSonics – Durant signed with the Dubs in the 2016 offseason, right after Green, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson had led Golden State to back-to-back NBA Finals appearances, including a title win in 2015. Now with a four-headed monster in the starting lineup, the Warriors won back-to-back championships over LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers to make it three titles in four seasons.

“In my opinion, after year two, you were over it,” Green said to Durant. “You were done with it and were on to the next thing, but we had the opportunity to three-peat. In my mind what brought you back for year three was just the opportunity to three-peat, but it didn’t feel right for you no more.”

A few minutes later, Green asked Durant the question that was on everybody’s mind.

“How much did our argument against the Clippers drive you to ultimately leave the Warriors?” the 2017 Defensive Player of the Year asked.

“It wasn’t the argument, it was the way that everybody – [head coach] Steve Kerr acted like it didn’t happen, [general manager] Bob Myers and them tried to just discipline you and think that that would put the mask over everything,” Durant replied. “We had to get that s— all out.”

Green gave his side of the story, agreed with Durant, and even called out Myers in the process. He recalled his conversation with the GM that was held after the team had returned home from their game against the Clippers.

“They pulled me into that room for an hour and 45 minutes they tried to tell me, ‘You need to apologize.’ And I told them ‘I’ll talk to (Durant), but y’all aren’t going to tell me what I need to say,'” Green said. “They went on for an hour and 45 minutes (talking) a bunch of bull—- and ultimately they realized, ‘Alright, we’re not getting through to him, we’ll try again in the morning.'”

The Warriors’ defensive stalwart said that the conversation was far from over.

“So we met the next morning and they said ‘Alright, you slept on it, you ready to apologize?’ And I told them right then and there, I said ‘Ya’ll about to f— this up.’ I said ‘The only person that can make this right is me and (Durant) and there’s nothing y’all can do,” Green said. “Ya’ll are going to f— this up.’ And in my opinion, they f—– it up.”

“I think so too,” Durant responded.

“They told me right then and there ‘We’re going to suspend you for this game,'” Green said. “I literally laughed in their face and (Myers) said to me ‘Wow that was not the reaction I was looking for or expecting.’ I said ‘Well I’m either going to laugh in your face or cuss you the f— out.'”

Durant Addresses Infamous Burner Account Usage


GettyGolden State Warriors forwards Kevin Durant and Draymond Green during a game in 2019.

Aside from his departure from both Golden State and Oklahoma City, another “chip” that Durant has carried on his shoulder over the past few years has been his infamous use of one, or multiple burner accounts on social media.

“One thing I love about the burner account is, you just started to say that stuff on Kevin Durant’s account [too],” Green said. “What do you make of people’s reaction to you responding to fans? If you think something, you send it.”

“I just think people are still upset that I went to the Warriors and a lot of people who are Cavs fans, who enjoyed watching the Cavs beat ya’ll before – which is a lot of people – a lot of people were upset that we were so good. And they’re still upset,” Durant replied. “And they’re still upset because you do the same s— on Twitter. Damian Lillard does the same s— on Twitter. CJ McCollum does the same s— on Twitter. We all do the same s— on Twitter but for me it’s a problem.”

Durant, who will open up his second season of action with the Nets this fall, gave his theory has to why he might be a bigger target for social media criticism from fans.

“I chalk it up to just me being so good at what I do and playing with a team that was so great and we fit so well, nobody likes a great team,” he said. “I guess I was the cause of that great thing because I came and joined.”

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