Brooklyn Nets’ Star Plays Important Role in Klay Thompson’s Recovery


The Golden State Warriors nation received tragic news when they learned that All-Star Klay Thompson would be out for the entirety of the season. The star suffered a torn Achilles right before the kickoff of the season which has him ruled out for the entirety of the season. However, the talented guard is making huge progress in his rehabilitation process.

A player that feels for Thompson is Ex-Warrior Kevin Durant who went through the same process after tearing his Achilles which had him out for all of last season. In an interview after his first return to the Bay Area since playing with the Warriors, Durant reveals that he and Thompson still keep in touch as he helps Thompson through his recovery process.

Thompson and KD Keep in Touch


In a postgame interview after returning to the Bay Area for the first time on an active roster of a team other than the Warriors, Durant revealed that he and Thompson still keep in touch and he helps the Warriors’ sharp-shooter through his rehab process. Experiencing the same injury himself, Durant is familiar with how tough the recovery process can be and offers words of encouragement to Thompson, per Malika Andrews’ Twitter.

“A couple times a week”, Durant said when asked how often he talks to Thompson. “Obviously, I know what that process is like,” Durant said, knowing that it’s troubling Thompson to not be able to get out on the court.

Thompson, who also missed all of last season due to an ACL injury, tore his Achilles playing pick-up right before the 2020 NBA Draft. His injury definitely lessened Golden State’s hopes of being title contenders this year, however, it is expected that the sharpshooter will make his return in the 2021-22 season.

Using Durant’s Recovery as Motivation


Coming back from two consecutive season-ending injuries raises the question of if Thompson could ever return to his All-Star status. Regarding his ex-teammate Durant who suffered from the same injury, he has had a great bounce-back season thus far with the Brooklyn Nets. KD looks as if he’s playing just like he did before his injury.

Durant is averaging 29 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 5.3 assists per game so far this season. In the Nets 134-117 blowout win over the Warriors on Saturday, KD managed to put up 20 points against his old team. If Thompson uses Durant’s bounce back after his same injury as motivation, it is sure that Thompson should have high hopes for when he returns to the court.

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