Nick Kerr, Steve Kerr’s Son: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Steve Kerr, Kendall Kerr, Nick Kerr

Getty Steve Kerr with his son Nick Kerr and his daughter-in-law Kendall Kerr

Head coach of the Golden State Warriors Steve Kerr has three children with his wife of over 30 years, Margot Brennan Kerr: Nick, Madeleine and Matthew. Their oldest child, a son named Nick Kerr, was born on November 9, 1992. Like his father, he also pursued a career in basketball and is now in coaching. The five Kerrs are all very close and live in the Bay Area.

Here’s what you need to know about Steve Kerr’s son Nick Kerr:

1. Nick Kerr Is the Oldest Child of Steve & Margot Kerr & He Was Born Just a Few Weeks Before Kerr Was Traded to the Orlando Magic

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Nick Kerr is the oldest child of college sweethearts Steve and Margot Kerr. The couple met when they were sophomores at the University of Arizona. Kerr’s best friend and now assistant coach Bruce “Q” Fraser invited Kerr on a double date with his then-girlfriend and her friend, who turned out to be Kerr’s future wife.

Margot Kerr joked that Fraser likely thought she and Kerr would get along because they’re both “nerdy,” she told SF Gate. Kerr revealed to In My Court that Fraser and his girlfriend at the time broke up just a few weeks later while he and Margot have been together for over 35 years and have three kids together.

Kerr was drafted to the NBA by the Phoenix Suns and then after one season, he was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. While in Ohio, Margot and Steve Kerr tied the knot and welcomed their firstborn, Nick Kerr. The Warriors head coach shared with In My Court that their son was 3 weeks old when Kerr was traded to Orlando and the young family had to live out of a hotel room for the first few weeks of their time in Florida.

After one year with the Magic, Kerr was traded to the Chicago Bulls, where the family would spend five years. The Kerrs welcomed two more children, a daughter named Madeleine and a son named Matthew.

2. Nick Kerr Has 2 Younger Siblings, a Sister Named Maddy Kerr & a Brother Named Matthew Kerr

Nick Kerr has two younger siblings, Maddy and Matthew, and the Kerr children are very close. Nick Kerr and his sister Maddy are both into sports but while he pursued basketball, Maddy Kerr became a volleyball star and captain of her college team. In addition to athletics, she also focused on her studies and is now a lawyer who recently passed the State Bar of California.

Maddy Kerr obtained a bachelor’s degree in media studies and rhetoric at Berkeley in 2017. From 2018 to 2021, she attended Berkeley’s School of Law and graduated in 2021, her LinkedIn shows. Afterward, she spent a year in Paris and obtained her MBA at HEC Paris, according to her profile.

Maddy Kerr was admitted to the State Bar of California in January 2023 and now works as a corporate associate at the law firm Gunderson Dettmer. According to their youngest sibling Matthew Kerr’s Instagram, Maddy Kerr got married in August 2022.

Nick Kerr’s younger brother Matthew Kerr isn’t interested in sports like his siblings and joked in an interview with the Athletic that “so much of my life has been learning to kind of tune out sports references.” The youngest Kerr attended USC film school and studied screenwriting and comedy TV writing.

After graduating, he became one of the writing assistants on “Ted Lasso” for season 2, which he explained to the Athletic means “transcrib[ing] notes for the writers, the real writers. It’s being able to document their conversations and thread their ideas.” Maddy Kerr shared in an interview with Berkeley News that Matthew Kerr began writing screenplays at the age of 12 and has already received awards for them.

Nick Kerr and his sister Maddy had a sibling rivalry growing up as both were very competitive. In her Cal Volleyball blog, Maddy Kerr described how competitive she was before claiming that “My older brother, Nick, is even more psychotic than me.”

She wrote, “My childhood was full of ping-pong battles that once resulted in Nick throwing a paddle at my head (thanks to my extreme athleticism, I ducked out of the way).” In another story, she said when she was 6 years old, the family had an Easter egg hunt and when the kids were told “go!” her older brother promptly “pushed me into a rose bush.”

3. Nick Kerr Said He Grew Up Watching His Father’s NBA Games & Was Always Passionate About the Sport

Nick Kerr shared on “WCC This Week” in 2015 that some of his first basketball memories were going to his father’s games. He shared that at one of the NBA finals he attended, he was allowed to go on the court and the experience stuck with him. “Nick started coming to my games when he was like a year old and he would sit on my wife’s lap and just be mesmerized by the action,” Kerr shared.

He said when Nick Kerr was a young child, he got sad when it was halftime because the game would have to stop. “The guys were all really nice to me,” Nick Kerr added. “When you’re 9 years old and an NBA player is talking to you, you just feel really cool,” he spilled with a smile.

Kerr described his son as “a pretty quiet kid” and said he didn’t ask a lot of questions when they were watching games together but he absorbed everything and took in his father’s observations.

4. Nick Kerr Played Basketball Throughout College & Then Pursued a Career in Coaching

Nick Kerr grew up with a passion for basketball and is now working as an assistant coach with the Santa Cruz Warriors, his LinkedIn shows. Nick Kerr attended the University of San Diego from 2011 to 2015, where he studied business administration and played on the college’s basketball team.

Nick Kerr then moved to the Bay Area after he was accepted into Berkeley’s School of Public Health graduate program. In 2016, Maddy Kerr shared with Berkeley News that her older brother had a year left at Berkeley in its master’s program and he was going to also work as “a graduate student assistant for the Cal basketball team” in his final year.

Kerr’s son told Mercury News that he’d always thought about coaching while growing up and he decided to give it a try once he realized in college that his playing abilities weren’t at the right level to keep playing professionally.

“That was a big part of why I transferred up here, to be with my dad, come here as much as I could and go to practices,” he shared about making the switch from the University of San Diego to Berkeley. “And it’s really worked out well. I’m still at school but I’ve been here for the last two months,” he said in 2017.

Nick Kerr’s basketball coach at USD said he was a really key player to have on the bench in terms of his knowledge of the game and attention to detail. “I think Nick does a lot of things for our program that really don’t ever show up in the stats sheet,” Bill Grier told “WCC This Week.”

After graduating from Berkeley, Nick Kerr moved to San Antonio, where he worked for a year in the Spurs organization, his LinkedIn states. Afterward, he returned to the Bay Area and began working for the Warriors as a video coordinator. Since 2021, he’s been with the Santa Cruz Warriors as an assistant coach. Nick Kerr is also married, although he’s kept his personal life fairly private.

5. Nick Kerr Said He’s Really Close With His Father & Steve Kerr Shared That He’s Really Proud of His Son

When Nick Kerr was playing college basketball at the University of San Diego, he said he always looked forward to hearing from Kerr after his games and getting advice from the expert. “We’re just friends now,” he shared with “WCC This Week,” adding, “I guess he’s past the point of parenting where we’re just friends and talk to each other.” Kerr said the two are “really close” and they’ll text each other after either of their games.

In fact, the two had a bit of a friendly rivalry when Nick Kerr spent a year with the Spurs while his father was with the Warriors, although Kerr eventually shut it down. In 2017, Spurs head coach Greg Popovich joked that they “pat [Nick Kerr] down every day after work.” However, in April 2018, both coaches agreed that they wouldn’t be making any more jokes out of respect for Nick Kerr’s professionalism.

“He’s embarrassed by it,” Kerr said. “He doesn’t want any attention. He loves his team… he’s unbelievably loyal to [the coach] and to the players, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. But he does not want any of this attention,” he concluded. “I think we gotta move past that, poor guy.”