Warriors GM Addresses NBA Trade Deadline, ‘No Idea’ if Deal Happens

Bob Myers

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Bob Myers

The Golden State Warriors have gotten off to a great this NBA season. The team has a record of 32-13 and is currently in second place in the Western Conference.

Despite the hot start to the season, there have been conversations for months about the Warriors making a trade to bolster the roster. The discussed trades have mostly revolved around some of the team’s young talent in exchange for a veteran to bolster the team for a potential championship run.

The Warriors have yet to be fully healthy this season, which has helped fuel the reports that they might look to make a move. Klay Thompson has just returned to the team after being out since June of 2019. Right before Thompson came back, Draymond Green went down with a back injury and is still out.

Second-year big man James Wiseman has been out since April of 2021 with a right knee injury. With all the injury misfortune the Warriors have endured,  it’s understandable why some might think that a trade would be best to help the team win a championship.

Likelihood That the Warriors Make a Trade

Warriors president and general manager Bob Myers recently joined Tim Kawakami of The Athletic, on his TK Show Podcast to discuss the upcoming trade deadline. He specifically discussed how likely the Warriors are to make a move.

“I think less (likely), if I’m being honest,” Myers said. “Doesn’t mean we won’t listen and look at things. But I think the guys in the locker room and coaching staff have kind of earned the right to have some peace of mind.

“I can’t ever say at any deadline that we won’t do anything. I have no idea. We’re still a few weeks away. But they’ve done a good job and they deserve credit for that. So whether that’s the fringe players, whether that’s some of the rookies, whether that’s the veterans and everything in between, everybody’s had moments, really positive moments.”

Will the Warriors Make a Move?

Those answers from Myers don’t sound like the Warriors are looking to make a move. This approach isn’t surprising, the team has gotten off to a great start this season, despite not being 100 percent healthy yet. The Warriors have a great mix of veteran stars, role players, and young pieces to build around for the future. If the team can get fully healthy going down the stretch, then the Warriors could compete for a championship as currently constructed.

It’s also not surprising that Myers will still listen despite his confidence in the current roster. Any good GM will always have their ear out for ways to make the team better. The Warriors are a team that isn’t focused on the present, it’s more about the future and competing for a championship.

The team’s patience in the recovery of Thompson and Wiseman show’s that they are invested in the current roster. No one can say for sure whether the Warriors will or won’t make a move at the deadline, but it seems like it will have to be an offer that blows Myers and the brass away.



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