Warriors’ Steph Curry Roasted by Wife Ayesha for ‘Thirst Trap’ IG Post

Steph Curry

Getty Steph Curry looks on during a Golden State Warriors game against the New York Knicks.

Steph Curry had a great trip San Antonio as the Golden State Warriors helped set an NBA record this week, but his Instagram post celebrating the accomplishment didn’t go over so well.

The Warriors and San Antonio Spurs squared off at the Alamodome on January 13, setting an all-time NBA record for attendance with 68,323. The Warriors had one of their best games of the season, winning 144-113 with Curry scoring 15 points in just 23 minutes.

After the game, Curry took to Instagram to share some images from the historic game and ended up being roasted by wife Ayesha for an image of his post-game festivities.

Steph Curry Mocked for ‘Thirst Trap’ Picture

In the post, Curry shared some pictures of the packed Alamodome and gave a shout-out to the supporters who came to cheer on the Warriors.

“All love San Antonio..68k in the Alamodome,” he wrote in the caption.

While the game marked a return to the Spurs’ former home, there was also a sizable contingent of fans cheering on the Warriors.

But one picture in particular caught Ayesha Curry’s attention. After posting images of the game and crowd, Steph Curry shared a picture of himself posing in some Texas attire inside of a restaurant, tipping his cowboy hat and showing off his large belt buckle.

Thirst trap with the last slide,” Ayesha Curry commented, adding a laugh/crying emoji.

Other fans joined in poking fun at Curry’s outfit, with some noting that he appeared to be wearing the cowboy hat backward.

Warriors Players, Coaches Praised Atmosphere in San Antonio

The game itself was a big hit, with players and coaches from both teams sharing some praise for the energy in the arena. The game had special meaning for Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, who placed for seasons with the Spurs, winning titles in 1999 and 2003.

As Raul Dominguez of The Associated Press noted, the Spurs played a video tribute to Kerr before the game.

“The presentation of the game was spectacular,” Kerr said. “For me it was a bit of a trip down memory lane. I got emotional before the game. They played the video and introduced me. To get an ovation from 68,000 fans gives you chills. This was a really special night. The Spurs made it special.”

Fans stayed engaged throughout the game, doing the wave throughout the fourth quarter even as the Spurs were losing by upward of 30 points.

“The fans enjoyed themselves, even though we were getting our ass kicked,” said Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich. “They seemed to be having a hell of a time, so there must have been a lot of beer sales out there.”

Other Spurs players shared some love for the record-setting crowd that showed up for the game.

“Obviously, I hate to lose. But with the turnout, how can you be mad?” Spurs forward Keldon Johnson said. “The Spurs fanbase surpassed anything we could imagine. That made tonight special.”

Steph Curry had plenty of time to take in the atmosphere. With the Warriors holding a huge lead, he and teammate Klay Thompson sat for the entire fourth quarter.

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