Analyst Rips LeBron James for ‘Destroying the NBA’

Getty LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers.

In many people’s opinion, LeBron James has already entered the conversation as the greatest of all-time, building a resume that can stack up with anyone who’s played the game.

With four MVPs, three NBA championships and a heap of All-Star appearances and records to his name, James is certainly among the best to ever lace them up. On top of that, he’s also made a huge impact on the sport culturally, while also using his influence to champion a variety of social justice causes off the court.

But analyst Clay Travis believes James’ legacy will not be remembered in a positive light. In fact, Travis thinks that “The King’s” lasting legacy will be one of burning down the kingdom that stars before him built.

“LeBron’s legacy is going to be that he destroyed the NBA in the United States of America. The ratings for the NBA are collapsing in LeBron James’s NBA,” Travis said. “Magic Johnson and Larry Bird did everything they could to build up the NBA into a national force. Michael Jordan then took the NBA to heights you have never seen before. Since Michael Jordan retired, the NBA has been on a consistent downslope and LeBron James is destroying it even further. The young players have taken his lead and decided to be ‘woke’ with all these vapid, not supported by factual date, comments. This is an unmitigated disaster.”

Clay Travis: NBA Needs to ‘Just Play Basketball’

Travis’ intense take points to the belief that the moves the NBA has made for the bubble restart — from having Black Lives Matter on the court to social justice messages on jerseys — is leading the NBA to collapse.

“This is what happens when you embrace far-left wing politics instead of just playing basketball,” Travis said. “This is what happens when you kneel for the national anthem, when you put social justice warrior slogans on the back of jerseys, and what happens when you put Black Lives Matter on the court.

“People out there who just want to watch basketball say, ‘Hey, they got woke, let them go broke. I’m leaving.’”

Clay Travis Goes After LeBron James for Goodyear Comments

James recently commented on President Donald Trump calling for a boycott of Goodyear Tires, a company based out of LBJ’s native Akron, Ohio.

”Not only has Goodyear been great for my city, for the history of my city, but for the country,” James told reporters. ”Unbelievable brand and unbelievable history. So, we stand strong, we always unite, especially my city.”

Travis took issue with James’ comments, calling the Lakers star out.

“LeBron is an idiot when he talks about pretty much anything other than basketball,” Travis said. “LeBron defended Goodyear, which President Trump has ripped because Goodyear has inconsistent statements about which politics are allowed to be endorsed and which are not allowed to be endorsed. … LeBron said, ‘we don’t bend, fold or break for nobody.’ Dude, you bent the knee to China.”

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