Conspiracy Theorist Accuses LeBron James of ‘Summoning Demons’

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Getty LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Despite the fact that LeBron James has put together one of the most impressive careers in the history of sports, he still has a number of detractors. Typically, people target him over how or plays or he decides to tackle political issues but a new conspiracy has decided to target the Los Angeles Lakers star in a unique way.

According to Sheila Zilinsky, a woman who has over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, LeBron is an Illuminati wizard who conjures demons with his famous pregame chalk toss.

Here’s what she had to say:

“The sports world calls it a chalk toss, but it’s simply disguised for what he’s really doing,” Zilinsky explained. “A high-level conjuring, a spell, an incantation from this Illuminati wizard, where he’s summoning demons. I believe he’s conjuring up demons before every game. Plain and simple.”

Well, that’s a new one. She claims to see demonic imagery in the chalk after it is tossed which is obviously absurd. Nobody is perfect but no, LeBron is not conjuring demons before every game. He does have otherworldly talent but he can thank that to genetics and hard work.

Zilinsky Has Also Made Wild Accusation of the NFL

Thanks to the internet, there are some pretty wild conspiracies that make the rounds. Zilinsky is one of many but she’s made some other insane accusations in the past. Back during the kneeling controversy for the NFL in 2017, she claimed that the league was using the controversy to brainwash Americans, via Right Wing Watch:

I told you the NFL was out of the bowels of hell and nothing more than a propaganda machine with mindless sheep who are brainwashed every night of the week with the alpha, gamma, theta waves, the delta waves lulling people into trances, slipping people into mass hypnosis. That’s declassified, folks. High-level mind control projects have been exposed, it’s on record. TV, that noise box, is the most disgusting invention ever made.

I think the NFL is pure evil. It’s anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-patriot, anti-constitutional, anti-gun, anti-American for sure.

These new NFL policies are straight out of the Pol Pot regime. In some stadiums, women can’t even enter into the same entrance as men and children. Talk about your FEMA camp training. That’s right, the NFL is an extension of the TSA, the DHS, the globalist agenda and FEMA.

Every NFL stadium is a FEMA camp in hiding. The American public is being conditioned to the fact that the state owns your body and your freedoms … The NFL stadiums are going to be staging areas for martial law and it’s all a part of the conditioning process.

As wild as this conspiracy is, it probably isn’t as crazy as the LeBron one. Brainwashing Americans seems more possible that conjuring demons. That said, both conspiracies are patently absurd for obvious reasons.

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LeBron Finished 2nd in MVP Voting

As fun as dissecting conspiracies is, there was some big news revealed on Friday. The NBA announced that Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks won the MVP award. LeBron finished in second place and was the only other player to receive first-place votes.

Perhaps if he would’ve conjured more demons, he would’ve won the reward. Obviously, that’s a joke but it’s hard to imagine that Giannis was more valuable than LeBron. The Bucks aren’t even in the playoffs anymore and the Lakers should be the favorites to win it all. LeBron has plenty of trophies on his mantle already but he should’ve gotten this one too despite Giannis having better individual stats.

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