Lakers Star Anthony Davis Sends Strong Message on LeBron James Rumors

LeBron James and Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Getty LeBron James and Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Despite plenty of rumors swirling, Los Angeles Lakers big man Anthony Davis is making it clear that his relationship with fellow star LeBron James is stronger than ever. During an in-depth interview with ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, Davis once again discussed his viral reaction to James’ record-breaking shot as well as his close relationship with the NBA legend. Davis admitted that the two have “had our moments” while adding that they “have one of the best relationships” in the league.

“From the outside looking in, they don’t know,” Davis said in the March 24, 2023 ESPN feature. “It’s not for them to know seriously, but me and Bron are fine. You can tell when we had our moments, for sure. But I think it’s people just looking for a story.

“Me and Bron have one of the best relationships I think in the NBA as far as duos or teammates, regardless. But they don’t see that. They don’t see the stuff we do off the court and time we hang out with each other. They see on-court stuff.”

Anthony Davis Provided New Details on Viral Moment After LeBron James Broke NBA Scoring Record

Davis is largely responding to critics of the star big man for his lack of a reaction to James breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s NBA scoring record back in February. According to McMenamin’s new report, Davis had just returned from yelling in the tunnel out of frustration for how the Lakers were playing.

“What the cameras missed, Davis said, was him trudging to the Arena tunnel by the bench shortly before the record-setting shot to let out a scream of frustration after seeing his team muddle through another uninspiring night against a middling opponent, knowing every game would matter down the stretch,” McMenamin wrote. “By the time Davis came back to the court, he said he was in a bit of a daze and unaware James’ history-making possession was unfolding.”

Colin Cowherd on AD & LeBron’s Relationship: ‘I Think It’s Over’

Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd is among those who have reported there is friction between James and Davis. According to Cowherd, the friction dates back to beyond this season when James was frustrated with Davis for coming into training camp out of shape after the bubble season in Orlando. Based on Davis’ recent claims, the star clearly disagrees with Cowherd’s report.

“I guess my takeaway is that the LeBron-AD thing is over, but LeBron’s really sensitive to it because he did move off [Dwyane] Wade,” Cowherd said during a March 8 edition of his podcast. “He did get criticized for it.

“I think it’s over. I think LeBron’s smart enough to see the temperature in the room on social media. He’s gonna be there for him [Davis] when he’s mic’d [up]. He’s like, ‘I love you man.’ He makes sure everybody knows, but I’m not going to just say AD’s reaction to the Kareem moment is nothing.”

Davis still has two seasons remaining on a five-year, $189 million contract with the Lakers. James signed a contract extension last offseason that coincides with Davis’ deal, putting him in Los Angeles for another two years alongside the big man. If there was serious friction between the two stars, James signing a contract extension last offseason would seem to conflict with this report.