How Tall Is Anthony Davis’ Twin Sister Antoinette Davis?

Anthony Davis family

Instagram/Getty Lakers star Anthony Davis (R) has a twin sister named Antoinette Davis.

The Los Angeles Lakers have the chance to clinch the 2020 NBA Championship Finals against the Miami Heat on October 11, and while much of the viewers’ focus will be on power forward Anthony Davis, fans can’t help but wonder if his family will be in attendance for Sunday’s big Game 6.

Davis is the only son of Erainer Davis and Anthony Davis Sr, but the 27-year-old NBA superstar has two siblings: a twin sister named Antoinette Davis, and an older sister, Iesha Davis. While Davis keeps details of his romantic life with longtime girlfriend and rumored wife Marlen P. tightly under wraps, he proudly shares photos of his sisters on Instagram.

After Davis, who stands tall at 6’10, was selected No. 1 overall in the 2012 NBA draft, people were naturally curious if his twin sister also stood at a towering height. Antoinette Davis, however, does not play for the WNBA, nor is she as tall as her brother. Antoinette Davis is 5’8, according to ESPN.

Antoinette Davis, like her brother, shies away from the media spotlight. Her Instagram page, under the handle @mooka_pooka, remains a private account. Antoinette Davis’ Instagram bio reads, “NJ Mommy” with a blue heart emoji, and her profile picture is a photo of her son.

Davis is incredibly close to Antoinette Davis. On Instagram, the Lakers star refers to his twin as “my other half.”

Davis Parents Bought Their Son A New Extra-Long King Size Bed After He Grew 8 Inches In College

In 2009, Davis was 6’3 before he drafted to play basketball at the University of Kentucky. “It came in spurts,” Davis told ESPN. “At the beginning of the [junior] school year, I was 6-3. Then I went to 6-5 and then 6-8.”

If sprouting up nearly a foot within one year sounds incredibly awkward, Davis can confirm that it was “really weird.” His feet also grew from a size 14 to a size 17 shoe. Davis said in 2010, “My mom was buying clothes for me and then they were too small. Right now I’m still growing; it’s still weird.”

Anthony Davis parents

GettyAnthony Davis, Erainer Davis and Anthony Davis Sr. attend the Haute Living Honors LA Lakers Superstar Anthony Davis With XO And Louis XIII event at Mr. C Beverly Hills on November 16, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California.

Davis’ parents are also tall. Anthony Davis Sr. is 6’3, and his mother Erainer is 6’1. Davis also has an uncle who’s 6’4. Davis Sr. mentioned how he had to purchase a king-size, extra-long bed for his ever-growing son. He said, “Every time I checked on him before, I would see his feet hanging off and that had to be uncomfortable.”

“We bought the SUVs so he can have room to stretch,” his father conitnued. “The road trips we took out of town were not good for him [in the Grand Prix].”

In addition to getting used to his new body, Davis had to get comfortable switching his role on the court as a guard, something he did quite seamlessly.

“I’m just blessed with that,” Davis said. “I can time when people are going to shoot the ball. I just have this instinct and try to time it perfect almost every time. It’s natural and I try to get every ball. You can’t score without the basketball. I try to get every rebound and stop them from scoring every position. It just happened. I blocked a couple of shots but it wasn’t like seven or eight; it just happened.”

Davis’ Older Sister Iesha Davis Was Drafted By the Harlem Globetrotters

While Davis’ twin sister didn’t’ share his love for basketball, their older sister, Iesha Davis, who’s 5’10, played on the freshman team at Richard J. Daley College in Chicago before being drafted by the Harlem Globetrotters, according to Kentucky Sports Radio.

The official announcement in 2012 also mentioned her baby brother’s achievements:

Chicago native Iesha Davis is the older sister of Kentucky’s Anthony Davis, the projected #1 overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. Iesha Davis has collegiate playing experience as a 5-10 forward at Richard J. Daley College and had a large influence on the development of her younger brother, who has compared their relationship to famous basketball siblings Cheryl and Reggie Miller.

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