Channing Frye Jabs Lakers Starter: ‘The Most Annoying Person in the NBA’

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Getty Former NBA player Channing Frye.

Pesky is one word that could be used to describe Dennis Schroder. The Los Angeles Lakers guard has a tendency to be very active on the defensive side of the ball, which players don’t love to play against. LeBron James is taken a liking to calling him “Dennis the Menace” due to his style of play.

Channing Frye spent 15 seasons in the NBA and played against a lot of players. According to him, Schroder stands above everybody when it comes to annoyingness.

“I love it. Dennis Schroder and I’m saying this in the nicest way possible is the most annoying person in the NBA,” Frye said on NBA TV, via Fadeaway World. “He causes havoc. He picks you up full court, he’s going for steals, he’s calling out your plays. What he does for the Lakers is that he gets them easy baskets.”

Being annoying can be an asset on defense. Getting opposing playes frustrated is an effective strategy. Schroder is probably the best in the business when it comes to being a pest. The Lakers and their players should be happy he’s on their squad.

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Frye Talks LeBron

When Frye was still playing, he spent a good chunk of his career playing alongside LeBron James. He believes that having Schroder on the team helps out the superstar in a number of ways.

“If you notice, LeBron got two breakaways due to steals,” Frye said. “When LeBron gets stuck in the half-court, it’s hard for him to get by guys now that he’s 57 years old. If he can get out in a fast break and that train is coming down the tracks, a lot of people are going to get out of the way.

“For me, the Lakers defense really predicates their offense, and during the four-game streak without Anthony Davis and without Schroder, they’re having problems getting stops. So for me, Wesley Matthews has stepped up on and off … But Kuzma is a guy that needs to take this opportunity and continue with building blocks. He’s done a great job.”

The Lakers have been very reliant on LeBron over the last couple of seasons. As he gets older, it’s not ideal for him to shoulder such a heavy workload. Having Schroder around helps take some of the pressure off LeBron to get the offense going through all four quarters.

Schroder Could Be Nearing Contract Extension

Not that he’s played a good chunk of games in Los Angeles, it clear that Schroder should be in the team’s future plans. He’s on an expiring contract but there’s been talk about him getting an extension. He recently purchased a big mansion in Los Angeles so it appears that contract negotiations are going well.

When the Lakers traded for Schroder, the intention was to sign him eventually. The team was able to reopen contract talks at the end of last month. Now that they can make a deal, the two sides should come to an agreement as soon as possible. The Lakers shouldn’t even risk losing Schroder in the offseason.

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