Lakers Guard Sparks Controversy With Postgame Comments

Getty Images LeBron James and Dennis Schroder of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Dennis Schroder returned to the court for the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday and was not too keen about talking about the time he missed in the NBA’s health and safety protocols.

Schroder missed seven straight games during a crucial juncture for the Lakers due to the league’s health and safety protocols. When asked to bring some clarity to the situation an irate Schroder failed to do so.

“No, I didn’t test positive. I went to separate things to get tested, but I mean, it is what it is, like I said,” Schroder told reporters. “I’m the only guy who didn’t get vaccinated, so I’m gonna just leave it at that.”

Schroder then said he “can’t get it no more,” which added another layer of confusion to the situation.

“I mean at least I can’t get it no more in the playoffs. That’s probably the best thing,” Schroder said. “Me and my family was talking about it the whole time, we didn’t know, it was like ‘I’m not sure.’ End of the day, I mean, it is what it is. I’m back now and can’t wait for tomorrow and the playoffs, play-in, whatever.”

Schroder was asked to explain his statement a little more but vehemently denied that request.

“Next question. Maybe, then, f–k, what you want me to say?” Schroder said. “Next question. Simple. God damn.”

Dennis Schroder Knocks Off Rust Against Pacers

Schroder scored 14 points in his return to the court, also doling out four assists in 27 minutes. It was the least amount of minutes he’s played since mid-April but the Lakers were not in a rush to push his workload after the time away.

“I thought he looked really good. Had some rust, which is to be expected,” Lakers head coach Frank Vogel said “I thought it was a good start for DS, for sure.”

When both LeBron James and Anthony Davis were out, Schroder was a big part of the reason the Lakers were able to stay somewhat afloat. He bumped his scoring average up to 17.8 points in March and also showed off his playmaking ability as the team’s primary ball-handler.

“I mean, LeBron’s going to do his thing. AD’s going to do his thing. I think we’ve still got a lot of firepower in this locker room,” Schroder told reporters recently. “But when it comes to [being a] floor general, get a bucket if we need to, hold it down when LeBron is not on the floor, whatever it is, I try to help my team with that.”

Lakers Head Into Eventful Final Day of Regular Season

Getty ImagesLos Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel.

Every team in the NBA will be in action on Sunday with much still to be decided with playoff seeding. The Lakers don’t control their own destiny when it comes to avoiding the play-in tournament. LA has to beat a shorthanded Pelicans squad and Portland has to lose to Denver.

But regardless of where they land, the Lakers will be ready.

“We’re ready to play whatever game,” Davis said. “If it’s playoffs as a sixth seed or we have to play the play-in as a seventh seed, we don’t care. It’s not going to stop us one way or another which one we do. It doesn’t take our mind off our goal. It’s not going to give us any discouragement if we’re not in the top six. We don’t really care. We control what we can control.”

Vogel said he hasn’t made any decisions on who will be playing on Sunday. The Blazers play at the same time against the Nuggets.

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