Giannis Sends Stern Message After Teaming up With Lakers’ LeBron James

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Getty LeBron James with Giannis Antetokounmpo.

NBA All-Star weekend is upon us despite complaints from some of the league’s biggest names. Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James was one of the most vocal critics but he’s sucking it up and playing. He’s almost always one of the top two vote-getters in the league so that means he gets to pick his team.

This year, his starting five consists of him, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic, Nikola Jokic and Steph Curry. That’s a loaded lineup and Giannis doesn’t think Team Durant has much of a chance.

“That’s the starting five?,” Giannis asked. “Yeah, it’s over guys”

“Me, Lebron, Luka, Jokic and Steph?! Man, that’s a good starting 5. That’s a good starting 5!”

It’s been a while since LeBron and Giannis have been able to play in an All-Star game together. He’s probably right, it’s hard to see Team Durant competing with Team LeBron while Kevin Durant isn’t playing. For whatever reason, the Lakers star is always very good at putting together his All-Star team.

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Giannis Excited About Being First Pick

Each of the last three years, Giannis was leading a team for the All-Star game. This is the first time he’s been part of the draft. He was excited about the fact that LeBron made him the first pick.

“Do I get a hat? Do I get something? Do I gotta wear the suit now being number one overall?” Antetokounmpo said.

“It’s a compliment. I’ma just go there, have fun, try to represent the city the right way. Try to get a win for team Lebron and just have fun.”

It’ll be exciting to see LeBron and Giannis team up for the first time in years. It’s hard to imagine any amount of defensive attack could slow those two down. LeBron will probably be taking it pretty easy in the game considering he’s only taken one game off in the regular season so far. However, Giannis doesn’t know how to take it easy so he’s going to be a problem for Team Durant.

Giannis Believes LeBron Is the ‘Best in the World’

For a minute, it looked like Giannis was going to take the mantle as the best basketball player in the world. He’s won back-to-back MVP awards and the Milwaukee Bucks have won a lot of games with him leading them. However, Giannis has yet to step up in the playoffs and has not made the NBA Finals. Even he recently acknowledged that LeBron still holds the title of best in the world.

“It doesn’t matter who is the MVP. He is the best,” Antetokounmpo said back in December, via “I say so. He is the best in the world. The day that I would be the best player in the world, I will step forward and say it.”

LeBron is among the favorites to win MVP this year and should win the award if he can get the Lakers back on track after the All-Star break.

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