Ex-Lakers Forward Kyle Kuzma Sends Message on LeBron James

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Getty Kyle Kuzma is still backing former Lakers teammate LeBron James.

Kyle Kuzma may not be a member of the Los Angeles Lakers anymore, but the forward still has a lot of respect for LeBron James. Kuzma managed to stick up for James while throwing serious shade at a heckler during the Wizards-Cavaliers game on November 10.

“Yeah, they had a sign up [that] said ‘Lebron won Kuzma his ring,’ and I said, ‘Without LeBron Cleveland wouldn’t be s***,'” Kuzma relayed his interaction with the fan during his postgame press conference. “So, they chose violence, and I just kept going. So, thank you guys, appreciate it.”

Apparently, it is not wise to heckle Kuzma as he posted 22 points, five rebounds and hit six threes in the Wizards’ win over the Cavs. Kuzma is averaging 14.8 points, 9.1 rebounds and two assists so far this season. His play has prompted fans and media members alike to question the Lakers’ decision to make the blockbuster trade for Russell Westbrook.

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Kuzma on Lakers Deal: ‘You Gotta Do That Trade 10 out of 10 Times’

It is never easy to be traded, but Kuzma has continued to show the Lakers love since joining the Wizards. That said, Kuzma also did not hold back in letting it be known that he believes the Wizards won the trade with the Lakers.

“I mean, you gotta do that trade 10 out of 10 times,” Kuzma noted, per Sports Illustrated. “If you have an opportunity to get five good basketball players for one, it makes sense. Granted, [Westbrook is] obviously a Hall of Fame player and everything. He’s an unbelievable player, don’t take that wrong.

“But especially for a team like Washington, if you look at the track record from the past couple of years, it hasn’t necessarily been enough ballplayers here… It’s smart, you have to do it if you’re a GM.”

Kuzma Shot Down Rumors That He Has Beef With LeBron

Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd reported in June that James “doesn’t get along with” Kuzma. The former Lakers big man shot down this idea, noting it was “all love” with James and his former team.

“No, that’s all love, it’s all love for sure,” Kuzma told Fubo Sports in September. “I even, I think a couple days after I got traded, we were hanging out, chilling whatever, even the organization but especially for me like I came in as Laker just all I know, and it was family from the jump and even leaving, it was still family.

“You know, getting texts or calls from Jeanie [Buss] or Rob Pelinka or equipment managers or people that just work the front gate. What I mean, like everyone is like [telling me I] hope you have a successful career. You’re doing this, you’re doing that and yeah no bitterness no nothing for sure.”

For those wondering, the Lakers take on the Wizards two times in nearly a week’s timespan in March. The two teams first square off on March 11 then have a rematch on March 19.