LeBron James Admits He’d ‘Absolutely’ Want to Play With Rival Superstar

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Getty LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Against all odds, Chris Paul was finally able to lead a team to the NBA Finals after 16 seasons. His Phoenix Suns squad is tied up with the Milwaukee Bucks 2-2 and it’s anybody’s guess if Paul will be able to win his first championship. If he fails again, the superstar guard may have to reevaluate his situation.

The Suns have had a very good season but it’s hard to imagine they catch lightning in a bottle again next year. At 36-years-old, Paul only has so many years left of being an impact player on a team. If he doesn’t believe that he can get Phoenix over the top, he could consider hitting up an old friend.

It’s no secret that Paul and Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James are close friends. Despite that friendship, the two have never played together in the NBA. Now that both of their careers are slowly coming to an end, perhaps Paul would want to play with LeBron in a last effort to win a championship.

The Lakers star was recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote Space Jam: A New Legacy when he was asked if he’d want to play with Paul. Knowing that he doesn’t want to get fined for tampering, he just awkwardly laughed. Guest host Arsenio Hall then stated: “Of course you’d love to play with your friend. We’d love it.” To which LeBron replied: “Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely.”

That’s not likely enough to get the superstar fined but it certainly sounds like he’d improve a deal that brings Paul to the Lakers.

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LeBron Rooting for CP3 in NBA Finals

The last thing on Paul’s mind right now is where he’ll be playing next season. He’s on the cusp of winning his first title. A win would solidify his status as one of the greatest point guards in NBA history. LeBron didn’t hide the fact that he’s rooting for his friend to beat the Milwaukee Bucks.

“I have a horse in the race and he goes by the name of Chris Paul,” LeBron said of the NBA Finals. “So I’ve been watching. That is my brother and we’ve known each other since my junior year of high school, his sophomore year. We actually met for the first time when we were in eighth grade. … We’ve been friends ever since.”

LeBron was able to recount a story of just how close the two men are.

“It happened to be during the NBA Finals then,” LeBron said. “So he’s the godfather of Bryce, and Bryce came out the night before, and then I proceeded to get my ass kicked by the Spurs the next day.”

Would Paul Come to the Lakers?

It’s clear that LeBron would like to play with Paul but it’s not so clear that the feeling is mutual. LeBron already has four championships and has very little to prove. If Paul joined the Lakers just to go ring chasing, it could diminish his accomplishment.

However, winning a ring on a superteam is much better than winning no ring at all. If the Suns win the title, it’s hard to imagine he leaves the team. If the Bucks end up winning, things will get complicated. Suns owner Robert Sarver is notoriously cheap and may not love the idea of giving big money to a 36-year-old point guard with an injury history. They could end up lowballing Paul, which would open up a door for the Lakers. In that case, the guard would have to consider.

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