LeBron James, Dennis Schroder Share Strong Reactions to Lakers Trade

lebron james dennis schroder

Getty LeBron James hugging Dennis Schroder.

Everybody knew it was going to happen but the Los Angeles Lakers were finally able to make their trade for Dennis Schroder official on draft night. Rumors popped up that the trade was a done deal on Sunday but the team couldn’t announce anything. With the Lakers making the 28th pick in Wednesday’s draft, the trade was able to officially go through.

Los Angeles announced the trade and LeBron James shared his reaction to the news.

LeBron referred to Schroder as a “dog,” which means he should fit right in with the Lakers’ roster. The 27-year-old guard was also able to react to the news and he also reacted to LeBron’s message.

LeBron has reportedly wanted to play with Schroder for quite some time so he’s likely hyped up about the news. Fortunately for him, he’s not going to have to wait long to see the German guard in action.

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How Does Schroder Fit With the Lakers?

As LeBron alluded to, Schroder should fit in well with the Lakers from a personality standpoint. He’s a “dog” and he wants to win. He now gets to for the reigning champions and will have the best shot at competing for a title yet.

He’s also an excellent fit on the court. The most likely scenario is that Schroder comes off the bench and serves as the team’s sixth-man. With the truncated offseason, that’s going to be incredibly valuable for the Lakers. They can’t expect LeBron to play a ton of minutes every night. With the addition of Schroder, they now have somebody who can run the offense while LeBron isn’t on the court.

Not only will he be able to run the court, but he’s also a good scorer. He’s coming off a season in which he averaged 18.9 points a game and was the runner up for Sixth Man of the Year. The Lakers needed a dependable third scorer and Schroder is a player who can bring that. He may not be a superstar but he’s a big upgrade for the team. It’s hard to argue that the roster isn’t better now than it was last season.

Will Schroder Sign a Contract Extension?

The only downside to the trade for Schroder is that he’s in the last year of his contract. Reports have indicated that the plan is for him to sign an extension but it was not revealed when that might happen. Now, a first-round pick and Danny Green isn’t too much of a price to pay for a year of Schroder. That said, the Lakers should try to figure out quickly how to retain him.

He’s only 27 and Los Angeles would be wise to retain some young talent. LeBron is going to slow down eventually and the team will soon be Anthony Davis‘. Having a piece like Schroder locked down for the long-term would go a long way in making sure Davis sticks around while also helping attract talent when LeBron’s gone.

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