LeBron James’ Workout With Young 3-Time All-Star Stirs Lakers Speculation

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Getty Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

The Los Angeles Lakers are entrenched in Kyrie Irving rumors right now but it’s still possible that nothing comes from them. The team knows they need to make big changes but it won’t be easy. Irving provides an interesting option as he may force his way to the team, which makes him easier to obtain.

If he ends up staying with the Brooklyn Nets, then it’s back to the drawing board for the Lakers. LeBron James is known to work behind the scenes to improve his teams and he could be putting out some feelers in case the Irving thing falls through. Recently, LeBron was seen working out with a number of NBA players, most notably Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell.

Mitchell can’t be a free agent until 2025 at the earliest but there have been rumors for a while that he’s unhappy with Utah. It’s not a secret that he doesn’t get along with star teammate Rudy Gobert. The fact that he’s hanging around with LeBron will lead to Lakers speculation as the team could really use a player like him.

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Is It Possible for Lakers to Land Mitchell?

With the Jazz losing head coach Quin Snyder this offseason, it could be time to consider a rebuild. Utah almost always has a good squad but they haven’t been able to sniff a championship. Now that Snyder is gone, it might be impossible to keep the Gobert and Mitchell pairing together.

Mitchell is the more valuable asset as he’s a three-time All-Star and has averaged over 25 points a game in each of the last two seasons. He can also play solid defense. If he hits the trade market, the Jazz should get a haul for him. That’s not something the Lakers can offer. Russell Westbrook and two future first-round picks is not a great haul when a team like the New York Knicks could offer something much better. The only way the Lakers could hope to get Mitchell in a trade is if he specifically says he wants to be in Los Angeles and refuses to play anywhere else. That’s highly unlikely to happen.

Lakers Clearly Trying to Make Moves

While the offseason could feasibly end with the Lakers’ roster looking almost the same as it did last season, it won’t be due to a lack of effort. The team has been trying to make deals all offseason. Irving seems like the team’s best option but the most important thing is to get off of Westbrook.

ESPN reported that the team made an offer to the Indiana Pacers involving Westbrook that was rejected. It won’t be easy to move off the guard but the Lakers are at least trying everything they can. If the offseason ends with Westbrook on a different team and Irving in Los Angeles, that would be about the best the team could hope for. There’s a lot that can happen in the coming weeks and the Lakers will be at the center of many rumors.

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