Ex-Players Not ‘Surprised’ if Superstar Teams up With LeBron on Lakers

lebron james steph curry

Getty LeBron James with Steph Curry.

For years now, LeBron James and Steph Curry have been viewed as rivals. Based on the intense battles the two men have had in the NBA Finals, while James was in Cleveland and Curry’s Warriors were a dynasty, it’s easy to see why. However, they could actually get along better than anybody realized.

During the recent All-Star weekend, Curry and LeBron were chumming it up quite a bit. They also had some very nice things to say to each other. The two men played really well together as part of Team Lebron, which won the All-Star Game in part because of Curry’s 28 points. That got many thinking, it would certainly be exciting to see them team up on an NBA roster.

That includes former NBA players Paul Pierce and Kendrick Perkins, who said they can envision a Curry-James team-up down the road on the Los Angeles Lakers.

“We saw all the joy. We saw the laughter in the All-Star Game between him [Curry] and LeBron James, chest-bumping and high-fiving,” Perkins said on “The Jump.” “Hey look, I’m telling you, right now I don’t put nothing past anyone in the NBA. I’m just saying P, I don’t put nothing past anything could happen when it comes down to the NBA.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised either,” Pierce chimed in.

That possibility is slim, at least as of now. LeBron is 36 years old and neither he nor Curry seems to want to play for a different team. Still, if Curry came to Los Angeles, it would be one of the biggest moves in NBA history.

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Hard to See Curry Leaving Warriors

GettyCould Stephen Curry leave the Golden State Warriors to play with LeBron James?

On one hand, it’s easy to see Curry wanting to play with LeBron. The two clearly had fun at the All-Star Game. On the other hand, it’s almost impossible to see Curry ever leaving the Golden State Warriors, the team that drafted him out of Davidson in 2009. At this point, he is synonymous with the team.

The Warriors have fallen back to Earth since their epic run from 2014 to 2019. During that span, they went to the NBA Finals five straight times, winning three of them.

Last season, with Curry and fellow backcourt star Klay Thompson injured, they finished as one of the worst teams in the league. This season, they are currently the ninth seed in the Western Conference. They’ve had more bad injury luck with Thompson and it’s fair to question if he’ll ever return to elite form.

If the Warriors keep losing, perhaps that could push Curry to go try to win a couple more rings with LeBron down the road. He is scheduled to hit free agency in the summer of 2022.

LeBron Would Likely Only Leave Lakers to Play With Son

Bronny James and LeBron James

GettyLeBron ‘Bronny’ James Jr. #0 of Sierra Canyon High School is greeted by his father LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers following the Ohio Scholastic Play-By-Play Classic on December 14, 2019.

There’s also the possibility that LeBron could go to Golden State to join Curry. However, that seems unlikely. LeBron came to Los Angeles for far more than just basketball reasons — he has also been building his brand in the entertainment industry. In all likelihood, he’s planning to finish his career with the Lakers.

The only way he will likely leave is if his son, Bronny, is drafted by a different team. He’s said in the past that he’d like to play with his son. If he ends up being a top prospect, the Lakers probably won’t be getting him. That would mean LeBron could go elsewhere. If that place happens to be Golden State, maybe then Curry and LeBron could finally team up.

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