Lakers Star LeBron James Blamed for Suns Finals Loss

Getty Images LeBron James looks on during the first half in Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Phoenix Suns.

LeBron James is not playing in the NBA Finals but Skip Bayless is still finding ways to blame losses on the Los Angeles Lakers star.

James sat courtside for Game 5 in Phoenix, which the Suns went on to lose 123-119, blowing a massive first-quarter lead. James said he was there to support his good friend and Suns guard Chris Paul, who is playing in his first Finals.

“I’m proud as hell of CP. I’m here for CP,” LeBron said during the game. “He came to my first Finals appearance, and this is me giving it back to him, man. We support each other. We’ve been a brotherhood since we came into the league, and we’re gonna ride and die with one another.”

Bayless thinks James was bad luck for the Suns.

“This is what happens when LeBron shows up to root for you in a huge NBA Finals home game,” Bayless tweeted after the Suns fell behind 3-2 in the series.

Bayless has been critical of James for not attending the Suns’ potential clincher in the Western Conference Finals against the Clippers at Staples Center. Instead, James went to the Sparks WNBA game. He brought that up while taking aim at “The King” for attending Saturday’s game.

“Wait: LeBron is courtside tonight in Phoenix for his man CP3. Yet when CP3 had a chance to get to his 1st Finals, in [Game 6] in LBJ’s town & arena, LeBron went to the WNBA game played across the street at the same time??? (Truth: LBJ just tried to take shine away from Clippers.)”

Paul rebounded from a bad Game 4 with 21 points, 11 assists and just one turnover, hitting some clutch shots down the stretch. However, it wasn’t enough, and the Suns now need a win in Game 6 to stay alive and force a winner-take-all situation back in Phoenix.

LeBron James Goes Viral for Bringing in Tequila

James was the center of attention along the sideline but it was his tequila bottle that got people talking on social media. While most patrons were forced to buy their drinks at the arena, James brought in a bottle of his Lobos 1707 tequila — which he happens to be invested in.

“They let me??? Ok we’ll go with that! ‘BYOT’ Bring Your Own Tequila,” James tweeted.

LeBron James, Chris Paul Friendship is Deep

Paul’s Suns bounced James and the injury-riddled Lakers from the playoffs in the first round. Prior to their playoff matchup, James was asked if he gives Paul a hard time about having four rings to his none.

“Nah, I think you know me by now,” James told reporters, per The Los Angeles Times. “I think that’s not in my [character] traits. I don’t really talk about my accolades, or what I’ve been able to do. And our friendship is beyond that. So, I’m not one of those guys to talk about what I have. I think that’s very shallow. That’s beneath me, personally. So, I don’t get involved in that.”

The two stars aren’t getting any young and are slowly pushing forward to the end of their careers. For Paul, this will likely be his best and final shot to get a ring. However, James said he’d “absolutely” be open to teaming up with his buddy in the future and maybe it’ll be one last chance for CP3 to go ring-chasing if his Suns can’t pull out of the 3-2 hole they find themselves in.

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