Lakers’ Montrezl Harrell Sends & Then Deletes Cryptic Message

Getty Images Montrezl Harrell of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Montrezl Harrell fired off a series of cryptic tweets on Wednesday night as the Los Angeles Lakers braced for a big matchup against the Milwaukee Bucks, deleting one of the messages shortly after it was posted.

Harrell is not an active Twitter user, sending out messages sporadically, tweeting less than a dozen times since the New Year. But Harrell felt compelled to share some thoughts that were bothering him.

“Money don’t bring happiness, you can’t buy a piece of mind and love!” Harrell tweeted.

He followed that with the now-deleted tweet, which read: “Imagine waking up and your first through is about someone who don’t give two s— about what. you feel your opinions are. Think on that internet.”


His final tweet of the night simply said, “Free Rent!”

Hard to Tell What Montrezl Harrell is Upset About

So who is the target of Harrell’s tweets? It’s hard to know. Harrell had quite the encounter with Warriors forward Kelly Oubre, who was assessed a technical foul after blowing a kiss at the Lakers big man after a basket.

The Lakers blew the lead in the matchup against Golden State, falling 115-113, but there wasn’t much else going on between Oubre and Harrell. There also wasn’t much criticism of Harrell’s play in the matchup. He scored 17 points in 28 minutes off the bench, also notching eight rebounds and two blocks. He and guard Alex Caruso were the only players off the bench for the Lakers with a positive plus-minus.

Taking a look at Harrell’s timeline provides another possibility, with a message he posted about his body drawing quite the reaction from the internet troll community.

“Best body I been my whole career 237, 5% body fat…. #StillWorkToGo,” Harrell tweeted on Jan. 17.

“But you couldn’t do that when u we’re on the clips huh? Lebron and klutch got you on check….sad,” one response said.

“Can you defend now?” another wrote.

Montrezl Harrell Has Been Praised as Spark for Lakers

montrezl harrell

GettyLos Angeles Lakers big man Montrezl Harrell.

Harrell may have some holes in his game on the defensive end and be a little undersized for a center. However, there’s a reason he’s the reigning Sixth Man of the Year. He’s averaging 14 points and 7.4 rebounds off the bench for the Lakers this season.

“He’s a hell of a player,” Lakers star Anthony Davis told reporters recently. “He brings that spark, that energy, off the bench. He’s able to get to his floaters, he stays on the glass offensively and gets us extra possessions, he’s great at defense and is continuously learning to adapt to our system — on both sides of the ball — but when you’re a special talent like he is, he’s able to adapt quickly.

“When he comes in, we know who’s going to bring that energy. Whether we’re down or up, he’s going to bring that spark for us, either to get us back into games or increase leads.”

Harrell and the Lakers look to bounce back and avoid consecutive losses for the first time this season as they face the Bucks on Thursday.

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