Lakers Veteran Chimes in on Viral Russell Westbrook Clip

Getty Images Russell Westbrook of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Russell Westbrook has been hard at work this offseason and his new Los Angeles Lakers teammates are taking notice.

A clip of one of Westbrook’s workouts recently went viral, with the former MVP battling through some contract from his trainers and dunking. In typical Westbrook fashion, he puffs out his chest and talks some trash to his trainers.

“Russell Westbrook shows no mercy, not even to his trainers,” the clip tweeted out by the SportsCenter account read. “Gotta practice how you play.”

Westbrook’s new teammate Kent Bazemore retweeted the play, writing: “Can’t wait to feed of this energy!”

For as much as Westbrook has been criticized in recent years for his sometimes inefficient play, he’s an incredible teammate. On and off the court, Westbrook’s intensity and leadership is the stuff of legend.

“We have a guy who pushes us every night. Russ pushes me. He pushes everybody to be ready to go,” Bradley Beal told the Athletic last season. “And I think that’s something I’ve definitely channeled this year, just making sure that I’m ready to compete on a nightly basis.”

Nick Collinson, his former teammate in Oklahoma City, told Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins Westbrook’s “give-a-f–k-level is very, very high,” while Kevin Durant said he ignited the team nightly with his intensity.

Westbrook Already Making Presence Felt With Lakers

Westbrook has already dropped some solid nuggets since being traded to the Lakers.

“You grow up here in L.A. a Laker fan and then you kind of dream of one day playing for the Lakers and now that s— here,” he said on the Straight from the Hart podcast by Kevin Hart. I don’t think it really hit me yet. I think it’s going to hit me when the season starts. I’ve been just kind of going through the motions, but it’s crazy. Family here, everybody here, but I’m excited about it. The city’s hyped. I can’t wait… I’m excited to get this s— going.”

He also had something to say about all the chatter about the Lakers being “old.”

“Listen, we’ve got a team full of nice experienced vets that’s going to kick these young motherf—— asses,” Westbrook said. “That’s what we going to do.”

Westbrook Met With LeBron James, Anthony Davis Prior to Trade

As far as chemistry goes with his new superstar teammates, Westbrook had a meeting with LeBron James and Anthony Davis before the trade went through, per the Los Angeles Times.

They talked about putting their egos aside and playing as one in their quest to bring the Lakers another NBA championship. Westbrook talked about how his only intention was winning and coming back home to Los Angeles to become a champion.

Westbrook let James and Davis know he doesn’t mind playing off the ball when James initiates the offense, something he did while playing alongside James Harden with the Houston Rockets.

Westbrook averaged 22.2 points, 11.5 rebounds and 11.7 assists last season. He’s averaged a triple-double four out of his last five seasons.

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