Steph Curry Issues Blunt Response to LeBron James Wanting to Team Up

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Getty Steph Curry with LeBron James.

With the Los Angeles Lakers‘ nightmare of a season wrapping, LeBron James likely hopes to think about anything other than his current team. Recently, he turned some heads by naming Steph Curry as the player in the NBA he’d most like to play with. While LeBron could’ve just been having fun about the hypothetical idea of playing with the future Hall of Famer, most things with him are calculated.

He knows that the Golden State Warriors have a much clearer path to winning a title over the next few years than the Lakers do. If he did decide to push his way out of Los Angeles, at least going to the Warriors would mean he didn’t have to move far. However, it’s just not going to happen.

Golden State has the means to make an appealing trade for both teams but Curry didn’t seem too excited about the idea when it was brought up to him. He was blunt when shown the clip of LeBron talking about teaming up.

“He got his wish. He was the captain, he picked me the last two All-Star Games,” Curry told San Francisco’s 95.7 The Game. “I don’t know if that suffices, but I’m good right now.

“Whenever you get the interest or curiosity of what it would be like to play with arguably an MVP-caliber dude like he is, greatest of all time, cool. That’s amazing. We all can live in that fantasy world.”

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Any Chance LeBron & Curry Actually Team Up?

Over the years, LeBron and Curry have battled in the NBA Finals four times with the Warriors winning three of the matchups. The two had a bit of a rivalry but that doesn’t appear to be the case anymore. If Golden State puts together a disappointing playoff run this season, perhaps entertaining the idea of bringing in LeBron could be appealing.

He proved this year that he’s still one of the best players in the world and has always played well with great shooters. While Curry clearly discounted that notion that it would happen, he could’ve also been referencing the idea of coming to the Lakers. LeBron going to the Warriors is a different story. It’s highly unlikely it happens but so was the idea of Kevin Durant joining the team years ago.

What’s LeBron Thinking?

To say this season didn’t go according to plan is a massive understatement. The Lakers were one of the favorites to win the championship and couldn’t even get into the play-in tournament. It’s a massive failure and everybody involved with the organization deserves blame.

LeBron certainly deserves his fair share of the blame. He was in favor of the Russell Westbrook trade that ultimately led to the team’s undoing. However, he can’t be thrilled that the Lakers have been so quick to throw him under the bus for the trade. Vice president of basketball operations Rob Pelinka could’ve easily said no to the idea of the Westbrook trade. Right now, the Lakers need to figure out a way to unify and fix this mess.

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