Donovan Mitchell and Bam Adebayo Videos Go Viral Amid Trade Rumors

Donovan Mitchell Bam Adebayo

Getty Donovan Mitchell and Bam Adebayo greet one another following a game between the Utah Jazz and the Miami Heat at FTX Arena.

The Donovan Mitchell sweepstakes seem to have taken a turn. Last weekend the Utah Jazz were reported to be nearing a deal with the New York Knicks. However, on July 29, Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that talks have ‘stalled out’ between the two sides. 

“As of right now, sources tell me that talks between the Jazz and the Knicks around a Donovan Mitchell trade have stalled out. I’m told there hasn’t been contact between the two sides in roughly the last two weeks,” Charania shared

Charania also shared teams that are in pursuit of Mitchell, “Teams like Charlotte and Washington, I’m told.” While the Miami Heat were not named in the Shams update, momentum seems to have built after Mitchell’s recent appearance at the Miami Pro League with Bam Adebayo. 

Donovan Mitchell Appears at Miami Pro League

On Friday, July 29, Donovan Mitchell made a surprise appearance at the popular Miami Pro League and appeared on the same Pro-Am team as Heat All-Star Bam Adebayo. The Miami crowd certainly left an impression on Mitchell as they chanted “Miami” while he was at the free throw line. One Twitter user shared that Mitchell had a visible reaction to the gesture from the crowd. 

“They chanting “Miami” at Donovan at the FT line and he’s smiling. We got him,” one in attendance tweeted

Mitchell impressed in the game in Miami before the game even tipped off with a highlight reel jam in warm-ups. 

Even star NFL quarterback Lamar Jackson took notice of the viral clip, sharing, “I remember he Did this our freshman year in college I still thought it was fake @spidadmitchell,” Jackson tweeted

Mitchell and Bam Adebayo also gave Heat fans something to hope for in a highlight reel rim-shattering jam that Adebayo assisted Mitchell on. 

Latest on Donovan Mitchell Trade

Currently, the Utah Jazz have had no progress in trade discussions for Donovan Mitchell. They are reported to be looking to acquire a massive haul for their franchise cornerstone after the major package they got for Rudy Gobert. The Jazz haven’t got an official trade request from Mitchell yet. He is reported to have interest in joining the Heat but again hasn’t demanded to be dealt from Utah. Mitchell could make the situation messy in Utah to make a trade more likely if he demanded out of Utah. After all, the Jazz seem to be selling all of the other players around him. Maybe it is time to force his way out. 

The Heat supposedly doesn’t have enough to trade for the Mitchell. Utah isn’t interested in a deal headlined by Tyler Herro, and they know the draft picks involved from the Heat are likely not going to be the highest draft pick. So currently, the Heat are considered out of any Mitchell discussions, but if he were to make a mess of the situation in Utah, it could give the Heat the leverage to get back into the sweepstakes. Especially with Miami being one of the top landing spots for Mitchell. 

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