Heat Could Land MVP Candidate in Proposed Superstar Trade

Joel Embiid and Bam Adebayo

Getty Joel Embiid #21 of the Philadelphia 76ers fights off Bam Adebayo #13 of the Miami Heat

With Pat Riley as the team president of the Miami Heat, the team is often in offseason transaction rumors. However, this year there seems to be an added emphasis for Miami to add a superstar to team up with Jimmy Butler. Rightfully so, Butler played lights out in the Heat’s Eastern Conference Playoff run and at times had limited support. Adding another player that can create their own shot offensively should be a top priority for the Heat. It could just be what gets them over the hump, and not doing so could close their championship window. 

Because of this, the Heat have been linked to multiple potential stars or scorers, including Bradley BealDonovan MitchellZach Lavine, and more. However, one of the most exciting possibilities could be for MVP candidate Joel Embiid. 

Embiid kind of started the rumors linking him to Miami via Twitter during the Heat’s series against the Boston Celtics. After Miami’s game 5 loss to the Celtics, the Philadelphia 76ers big man tweeted the cryptic, “Miami needs another Star,” which quickly went viral. 

Many believed this was the star hinting at him being the star to join Butler in Miami. The two previously played together on the Sixers and remain close. With questions around the future of Doc Rivers, what the team will do with James Harden, and even Tobias Harris, it could be the best time to deal for the five-time All-Star. 

Joel Embiid to Miami Heat

On June 20, the Joel Embiid discussions advanced a little bit when NBC Miami reported that Embiid is one of two players in heavy speculation for the Heat. 

“Much of the speculation has been that Miami is focusing on two players: Utah Jazz point guard Donovan Mitchell or Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid. To get either one of the superstars, the Heat would have to trade the No. 27 pick this Thursday along with likely at least three players.” Jason Parker reported. 

Parker added what is believed it may take to acquire either of those players. 

“To get Mitchell from the Jazz, that means moving the pick along with three outside shooters – more than likely the combination of guards Tyler Herro and Max Strus along with forward Duncan Robinson. To get Embiid from the Sixers, that means likely only having to move two of those players, but now a big man is likely going to have to be thrown into the conversation.” Parker wrote. 

Should Miami Trade Bam Adebayo for Embiid

If it takes a big man, the most likely candidate it would take to acquire Embiid is adding Bam Adebayo in the mix. Adebayo has previously been untouchable in the Heat’s trade conversations. However, after this season’s playoff run, should he be? Bam has a tendency to disappear offensively for long stretches. He sometimes looks afraid to be the aggressor. Every strength that Bam Adebayo has, Embiid is better at. Embiid also doesn’t have the weaknesses that Adebayo has. 

The one concern might be injuries for Embiid. The star has never appeared in more than 68 regular season games. However, the 2020-21 season was the most games Embiid appeared in. Adebayo also has injury concerns of his own. Having a chance to acquire an MVP candidate that your star player already has chemistry with? It feels like this should be a no-brainer for the Heat, even if it means trading away a young asset like Bam Adebayo. 


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