Heat Expected to Be ‘Prominent Suitor’ for 3-Time All-Star: Report

Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat.

Getty Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat.

Stop us if you’ve heard this before, “the Miami Heat are expected to be interested in making a trade for [insert disgruntled star’s name here].” Well, it’s “Groundhog Day” once again. Shortly after reports surfaced that the Washington Wizards and Bradley Beal could work to find the star a new home this summer, Miami was listed as a landing spot for him.

According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, the Heat are “expected to be prominent suitors for Beal.”

“It is unclear whether the Wizards will ultimately decide upon a rebuild or if they find an acceptable trade, but sources said both sides are working amicably to find the path forward, with the 2023 NBA Draft looming on June 22,” Charania wrote. “The sources, who were granted anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter, said the Miami Heat are expected to be prominent suitors for Beal if he reaches the market.”

Beal appeared in 50 games last season for the Wizards, playing about 33.5 minutes each time. He averaged 22.3 points, 5.4 assists, and 3.9 rebounds per game, while shooting 50.6% from the field and 36.5% from deep.

The 29-year-old is set to make $47.6 million next season, in the second year of a five-year, $251 million deal which he signed last summer.

Kyle Lowry May Be a Part of Any Major Heat Trade

In order to swing a deal for Beal, the Heat would have to match that salary, which they’ll be able to do because of the plethora of big contracts that they pay out. Players like Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, and perhaps Kyle Lowry could be names to keep an eye on as the rumors swirl.

Heavy Sports’ Sean Deveney detailed the 37-year-old Lowry’s importance to Miami’s next big potential move just before the Beal news broke.

“His play during the postseason helped resuscitate his trade value. But as old as he is, and considering his inability to stay healthy (he missed five weeks with a sore left knee just before the playoffs), that resuscitation is limited. With Lowry slated to earn $29.6 million next season, he would almost have to be part of any major Miami trade—it would be difficult to bring in, say, Damian Lillard or Bradley Beal without sending out Lowry.”

Heat in the Market for a Star, Says Brian Windhorst

Miami being interested in star-level talent is nothing new. It’s actually the most predictable thing ever. The Heat are a franchise that wants to consistently compete for a championship. In order to that it requires talent.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst recently teased that Miami could be in the market for a star this summer.

“They have draft picks at their disposal, and they potentially have tradeable contracts, and I think they’re going to go hunting for a star,” Windhorst said on the June 13 episode of ESPN’s “Get Up. “I don’t know if they’ll get one. I don’t know if it’ll all break their way.”

He wouldn’t go into detail about which players could be in their sights, but did highlight the many assets that they’ve got.

“I’m not going to sit here and tell you who it is because I’ll get aggregated [Sorry, Windy!], but there are players they’re keeping an eye on and they have the ability to do it, especially if a player says, ‘Hey, send me to Miami,’” Windhorst said. “And they have a little window here before the second apron kicks in where they may be able to spend a little money. They have some draft picks they can trade. After the draft, they can access their 2030 pick. They have the 18th pick in this draft, not that that’s super interesting. I don’t think they can beat all comers on a star trade but if a player says, ‘Send me to Miami’ in the next two weeks, they are not in the worst position of all time to make it.”