Former No. 7 Pick Floated at ‘Intriguing Developmental Project’ for Heat

Killian Hayes

Getty Killian Hayes

The Miami Heat have a reputation for getting the best out of their players. There’s a reason why many talk about “Heat Culture” when they talk about the Heat. For that reason, it wouldn’t be the worst idea to develop a draft bust, like Killian Hayes.

Sports Illustrated’s Nick Crandell explained why the Heat should look into adding the former No. 7 pick from the 2020 NBA Draft.

“The 6-foot-4 Hayes is a rangy and capable defender. If he can increase his offensive efficiency, Hayes would be a solid depth piece this year and an intriguing developmental project for the future,” Crandell wrote in a February 25 story.

Crandell added that Hayes’ youth could appeal to the Heat, knowing that they have played some of the younger players in their rotation.

“The seventh overall draft pick in 2020, Hayes is still just 22. That is more than five months younger than Heat rookie Jaime Jaquez Jr.”

Detroit Free Press’ Omari Sankofa reported that Killian Hayes wanted a fresh start before the Detroit Pistons waived him.

Dorell Wright Celebrates Delon Wright Joining Heat

There may not be much reason for the Heat to add someone like Killian Hayes in the immediate future with Delon Wright coming to the Heat. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Wright would join the Heat after the Wizards bought him out.

Wojnarowski added that Wright was a “dependable veteran for the Heat’s rotation.”

After the Heat’s plans with Wright were revealed, former Heat champion Dorell Wright voiced his excitement to see his little brother join Miami via his X account.

Dorell started his NBA career with the Heat in 2004 and went on to win a title with them in 2006. He played in the NBA until 2015, which coincidentally was the same year Delon came into the NBA.

Delon responded to his older brother while voicing his excitement to join the Heat via his X account, writing, “LFG (Let’s F****** Go)!!!!

Wright has proven a lot more than the likes of Killian Hayes in nine NBA seasons. Still, the Heat could give Hayes the chance to develop under their coaching staff, which could pay dividends later on.

Why Detroit Waived Killian Hayes

Pistons’ general manager Troy Weaver explained to Sankofa in a February 8 story why they parted ways with Killian Hayes.

“He has size, a versatile defender, playmaker with the ball,” Weaver said. “It didn’t work because of his shooting. He never got his shooting. The guy can really defend, we’ve seen his playmaking ability, but if you’re a guard in the NBA you have to make shots. The further away you are from the basket, the more skilled you have to be. The closer to the basket, the less skilled you can be. If you’re a guard, you have to make shots.”

Weaver added that the Pistons conveyed to Hayes that he had to improve as a shooter, but that improvement never came.

“I’ve talked to Killian ad nauseam about that, improving his shooting. That’s ultimately why he wasn’t as successful a player he needed to be. He has all the attributes for a good player, but when you’re a guard, shooting is paramount, and the other guys are stepping up, as we’ve seen.”

Hayes is a career 38.2% shooter from the field. He may never develop in that area no matter who he plays for, but the Heat could benefit from what he brings to the floor if they were to add him.

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