Heat Division Rival Interested in Kyle Lowry: Report

Kyle Lowry

Getty Kyle Lowry

When the Miami Heat traded Kyle Lowry to the Charlotte Hornets, they opened the door for Lowry to play for a competitor. One possible destination is the Heat’s division rival, the Orlando Magic. The Action Network’s Matt Moore reported that Lowry is among the point guards who have drawn interest from the Magic.

“Orlando has kicked around every potential option on the board, and the latest interest involves two veterans: Kyle Lowry and Chris Paul, according to sources,” Moore wrote in a February 3 story.

Moore added that the Magic may pull off a trade like that if Lowry wants to stay past the 2023-24 season.

“For the Magic, they’re in a unique position to send assets they are willing to part with if Lowry is content to stay in Orlando. It might provide the Magic with a way to add a veteran while they try to find long-term answers there, even if that answer is ultimately committing money to Markelle Fultz on a big extension.”

The Magic are making a playoff push. At 26-23, the Magic are the No. 8 seed in the Eastern Conference. Lowry would bring them valuable playoff experience

Kyle Lowry May Go to Sixers If Waived: Report

After the Heat traded Kyle Lowry, Yahoo Sports! Jake Fischer reported that Lowry could hit the buyout market if the Hornets don’t trade him.

“Lowry being dealt to Charlotte adds another name to the field of backcourt players available,” Fischer wrote in a January 26 story. “He’s a potential re-trade candidate for the Hornets, sources said, but also as a potential player on the buyout market should Charlotte not find a deal for the veteran floor general.”

If the Hornets buy out Lowry, Fischer reported that the Sixers may swoop in to sign him.

“At that point, one destination that currently appears to be a real possibility: Philadelphia, where the Sixers stand as one of the few contenders below the first luxury tax apron and capable of signing a player who was bought out from a contract pricier than this year’s mid-level exception ($12.4 million.).”

Moore reported the same sentiment, but he added the wrinkle that it was before Joel Embiid’s potentially season-ending injury.

“If Lowry is, in fact, bought out, expect the Philadelphia 76ers to have interest, although that information was prior to Joel Embiid’s meniscus injury last weekend.”

Evan Turner Advises Kyle Lowry Not to Join Lakers

For now, Kyle Lowry remains with the Hornets, but since they are all but out of the playoff picture, Lowry will likely find a new team one way or the other. If and when he does, former NBA player Evan Turner publicly pleaded for Lowry not to join the Los Angeles Lakers via his X account.

“Do not go to the Lakers, they are trying to make you the fall guy,” Turner wrote while adding, “Think about your legacy.”

The Lakers have not had a great season. Following a surprise run to the Western Conference Finals, the Lakers are 26-25. Lowry would give them more guard depth, but he’s not the player he was during his heyday with the Toronto Raptors.

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