Heat Named Among Suitors for $189 Million 4-Time Champion: Shams

Erik Spoelstra

Getty Erik Spoelstra

The Miami Heat have proven to be appealing to big-name free agents in the past. LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Jimmy Butler, and Kyle Lowry are proof of that. The Athletic’s Shams Charania that they have their next big target in mind: Golden State Warriors sharpshooter Klay Thompson.

On the February 16 episode of The Pat McAfee Show, Charania named the Heat among teams who he believes will pursue Thompson.

“He’s set to be a free agent at the end of the season. I expect him to test the marketplace,” Charania said via Pat McAfee’s X account. “I would expect both Florida teams; I would expect both LA teams. I would expect potentially a couple of East Coast teams to have interest in Klay Thompson.”

Charania added that Thompson’s long-term future with the Warriors remains uncertain despite the rich history.

“As of right now, unless there’s a miracle extension, he’s going to test the marketplace,” Charania said. “And I think the Warriors have understood going into the year, after they didn’t extend him, his future is up in the air just for the simple fact that he’s going to be going into free agency.”

Throughout his time with the Warriors, Klay has won four titles: 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2022. Not only that, but he has also made five consecutive all-star teams from 2015 to 2019. Thompson is in the last year of a five-year, $189 million contract he signed with the Warriors.

Thompson has also made quite the comeback story. After missing two consecutive seasons due to an ACL and Achilles’ tear, Thompson returned for the 2021-22 season to help the Warriors win another title.

Delon Wright Expresses Excitement for Joining Heat

The Heat have proven to be a free agent destination both during the offseason and midseason. On February 16, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported via his X account that Delon Wright would join the Heat after the Wizards buy him out.

After his brother, Dorell Wright (who’s a Heat alum), celebrated the signing, Delon voiced his excitement via his X account.

The Heat have also added useful players midseason who proved to help the team, like Joe Johnson and Chris Andersen. This is something Klay Thompson may keep in mind when he hits the open market. The Heat can persuade players to join them no matter what time of year it is.

Heat Have Added Players Like Klay Thompson Before

The Heat have added players who have skillsets similar to Klay Thompson’s. In 2012, they convinced Ray Allen to join them after years of going to battle against him when he played for the Celtics.

Much like Allen, Thompson has a reputation as a sharpshooter and he has an NBA championship to his resume. If he came to the Heat, he would also come at a younger age, at 34 years old, than Allen did at 37.

Allen also took a paycut to come to the Heat. There haven’t been any reports that Thompson would do the same, no matter who he signs with during the offseason. However, Thompson is approaching the backend of his NBA career, like Allen was when he came to Miami.