Victor Oladipo Makes Bold Prediction for Next Season’s ‘Revenge’ Tour

Victor Oladipo and Jimmy Butler

Getty Jimmy Butler #22 and Victor Oladipo #4 of the Miami Heat

The Miami Heat have been looking for a superstar to add with Jimmy Butler all summer long. They have of course, been in the Kevin Durant sweepstakes, but also been in pursuit of Donovan Mitchell as well. So far, little traction has been made in either. The Heat continue to resist including Bam Adebayo in their trade proposals which seems to be the holdup in at least Durant discussions. 

In addition to the trade market the Heat have been looking for players to add in free agency as well. They missed out on John Wall, who they were interested after he quickly signed on with the Los Angeles Clippers in the buyout market. They have also been attached to players like Montrezl Harrell and Collin Sexton in free agency. 

However, the Heat could get an extra impact Victor Oladipo who is calling this year his Revenge tour as he looks to be finally recovered from his injury. Oladipo played at an All-Star level before undergoing two surgeries on his right knee in the last three-plus years. Now Oladipo is back and ready to prove he remains one of the “best players in the world.”

Oladipo: “I’m One of the Best in the World”

In a recent appearance on Vince Carter’s podcast, the VC Show, Oladipo was asked what he was looking forward to proving this weekend, and he sent a strong message in his reply. 

“That I’m one of the best players in the world, period,” Oladipo said. “I think that my injury has kind of built a misconception of who I am as a player. Obviously, it’s tough. A lot of athletes deal with injuries, but a lot of athletes come back and do very well from injury and have great careers, even better than before.” 

Oladipo is a two-time NBA All-Star but in the interview with Carter suggested the greatest NBA years of his career could be ahead of him. 

“So why can’t that be me? Why can’t I come back from this injury and what I’ve been through and have an even greater career than I thought I could have prior to it? Why can’t I? I don’t see any reason why I can’t. So I truly believe that I can,” Oladipo said.

 Victor Oladipo Post Injury

Last season, Victor Oladipo averaged over 12 points per game and over 3 assists per game. He shared a little about what the recent years have been like for him battling injuries and now what he is calling his revenge tour after being recovered. 

“It’s something I came up with just because I feel like the last couple years have been really tough for me and I’ve obviously gone through a lot individually,” Oladipo, 30, said of his Revenge Tour. “And my team and my family have gone through a lot with me collectively.”

It took a lot for Oladipo to battle back from injury, and he credited the grind for helping him do so in his conversation with Carter. 

“When I say revenge, I’m talking about God’s revenge,” Oladipo shared. “They messed up my surgery, I sat back. I tore my quad, I sat back. But now it’s my time to rise. I truly believe that. So that’s the revenge tour. That’s what it’s all about. It’s one day at a time. It’s a constant grind every day. That’s what I’m focused on doing.”

If Oladipo can come back and make an impact for Miami, they could have their star already on the roster.