Victor Oladipo and Gilbert Arenas Share Truths About Battling Injuries in the NBA

Victor Oladipo

Getty Victor Oladipo #4 of the Miami Heat dribbles up the court against the Atlanta Hawks during the second half in Game Five of the Eastern Conference First Round

The ‘No Chill with Gilbert Arenas’ show is set to make its season three debut on Thursday, October 27, via the Fubo Sports Network. Hosted by three-time NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas and social media king Josiah Johnson, the show has been renewed by the leading sports-first live TV streaming platform, Fubo Sports Network, the live, free-to-consumer TV network from FuboTV Inc. 

Victor Oladipo & Gilbert Arenas Sound Off On What Injuries Are Like for NBA Players

The first guest of season three is Miami Heat guard Victor Oladipo. Heavy Sports was given an exclusive preview of the first interview with Oladipo. In it you see a very honest conversation between the Heat guard and Arenas and Johnson about what it has been like dealing with injuries during his NBA career and what that unique experience is like. 

“You know, it’s amazing man… It really puts things into perspective for you. Because when you first get hurt, you first get injured, you get 1,001 text messages, people checking on you, people you know, tweeting, whatever the case may be. A week later and it’s dead. It’s nobody checking on you. There’s nobody seeing how you’re doing. Two months, three months later, and there’s nobody checking on you, nobody’s seeing how you’re doing,” Oladipo said. 

Gilbert Arenas on How He Found His Work Ethic

Oladipo is a Maryland native and grew up watching and hearing about the work ethic of the former Washington Wizards star. In their conversation, he told Arenas about how his work ethic helped him make the NBA as well as battle back from injury. Arenas then told one of the cool stories he is known for with one about how NBA Hall of Famer Chris Mullin taught him how to elevate his time in the gym and work out the right way. 

“It’s crazy, because it’s all I knew. Because before the injury it was getting basically draft day, and even though I worked my whole career, I always worked. That was my thing. I didn’t really when I got to the NBA. I didn’t really know how to work. I’d just sit in the gym like 9-10 hours and didn’t know what I was doing. Then, uh, Chris Mullin sat me down and said, ‘I used to be in the gym all the time,’ told me he had an alcoholic problem, and this is what saved him. So me and him would play, sh*t I don’t know how, he was retired already, and we’d play full-court one on one I’d kill him. Murder that man. Half-court, oh no. It was like a whole other NBA when we went to half court basketball. Like full court, he couldn’t keep up. Half-court, it actually taught me, like ‘Yo, what is this? like yo, you’ve gotta play half-court basketball.’ You’ve gotta learn when it’s small. So him teaching me how to play. How to work. Get your work in,” Arenas said. “So he taught me how to channel everything that was going on in the outside world into that basketball world.”

Arenas also battled injuries himself and could relate to Oladipo’s experience thus far in his NBA career and as he fights to return to his All-Star form. Don’t miss its debut on Thursday, October 27 at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT on YouTube and on Fubo Sports Network’s linear channel on October 30 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.