What Inspired the Milwaukee Bucks’ New ‘City Edition’ Jerseys?

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This season’s city edition jerseys have been systematically being revealed over the past few weeks–including the Milwaukee Bucks, who today revealed their new threads.

The kits employ a bold combination of colors that are inspired by Milwaukee’s famous MECCA floor.

What Was the MECCA?

You may have seen pictures of the MECCA floor. And if you have, you probably remember it. It was the brightly painted floor that the Bucks played on during some of their most successful years in the 70s and 80s–such as when they had a young player named Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The floor was an eyesore to some–it certainly demanded attention–and was designed in the pop art style by Robert Indiana. Indiana was sometimes compared to Andy Warhol in the pop art scene, and his designing of the floor helped epitomize Milwaukee as an art-conscious and proud city.

In 1977, when it was painted, the floor became the world’s largest pop art painting. The Bucks resurrected it last fall for a game against the Celtics, for old time’s sake.

You can watch the ESPN “30 for 30” video about the MECCA floor below. It’s really informative about the history behind the floor’s attention-grabbing colors.

The team will sport the new jerseys 12 times throughout the season, on the dates listed below:

– Monday, Nov. 19 vs. Denver
– Monday, Dec. 10 vs. Cleveland
– Monday, Dec. 17 at Detroit
– Saturday, Dec. 22 at Miami
– Monday, Jan. 7 vs. Utah
– Monday, Jan. 21 vs. Dallas
– Tuesday, Jan. 29 at Detroit
– Saturday, Feb. 2 at Washington
– Sunday, March 24 vs. Cleveland
– Monday, April 1 at Brooklyn
– Thursday, April 4 at Philadelphia
– Sunday, April 7 vs. Atlanta

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