Bucks Viewed as Best Fit for Former Lakers, Bulls Guard

Alex Caruso Milwaukee Bucks

Getty Giannis Antetokounmpo getting guarded by Alex Caruso and others.

The Milwaukee Bucks’ need for a defensive-minded guard has been obvious throughout the first few months of the season. After being one of the best defensive teams in basketball with Jrue Holiday, the Bucks’ defense took a major hit when they traded him for Damian Lillard.

While an issue, that’s still a trade Milwaukee would likely make 100/100 times. You can always go out and land a defender, but it’s rare that you can find a top-75 player all-time like Lillard. Of the available players the Bucks could pursue, Sam Vecenie of The Athletic deemed Alex Caruso as one of their best fits. Vecenie mentioned other teams, too.

“Every team in the postseason race would have a use for a player like Caruso. He proved he can be an integral rotation player on a title team with the Lakers in the 2019-20 season and has only improved since then. He is, for my money, the best defensive guard in the NBA. He flies around on that end, making wild anticipatory rotations with active hands that disrupt every exchange and bother every potential jumper. On the ball, he can handle just about anyone at the one through three positions and can even switch onto the less powerful fours.”

Will the Chicago Bulls Trade Alex Caruso?

Teams around the league have shown interest in the top-tier defender. However, it’s uncertain if the Chicago Bulls will want to move on from him. If they do, they can expect to get a huge return. It’s possible that Caruso can return two first-round picks and a high-level prospect.

Vecenie notes that he thought about leaving Caruso off the list as Chicago has been hesitant to move him.

“I debated leaving Caruso off this list entirely. The Bulls have been reluctant so far to engage in Caruso trade discussions, according to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, which lines up with the impression I’ve received from sources on other teams who have tried to reach out… He’s 30 years old, with a history of injuries due to how hard he plays, and the Bulls are more than 18 months away from contending. Given the price Caruso is likely to fetch due to the wide market of teams interested in acquiring him, it’s hard for me (and other executives league-wide) to fathom why the Bulls wouldn’t move him.”

That tough, hard-playing defense is exactly what the Milwaukee Bucks need.

Lakers, 76ers, Warriors, and Others Are Deemed as ‘Best Fits’

The race for Caruso, if he becomes available, won’t be easy to win. It’s been reported that multiple teams are willing to give up assets to land him as he can potentially be the reason a team does or doesn’t win a championship.

Vecenie puts the Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, Golden State Warriors, and others as potential fits. Philadelphia makes a ton of sense given the assets they have after trading James Harden.

Milwaukee would have to be creative here, but after they landed Damian Lillard, GM Jon Horst can’t be ruled out to come in and make a big splash.

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