Immanuel Quickley Seeks Advice from 2020 Champ, All-NBA Defender

Immanuel Quickley

Getty Immanuel Quickley looks on during an October 27 game against the Philadelphia 76ers.

A majority of the New York Knicks’ recent successes, both last season and this one, can be credited to their first-round picks from the 2020 NBA Draft: Immanuel Quickley and Obi Toppin.

The two youths have played key roles in a bench unit that currently ranks second among the league in points per game.

Both can score the basketball in their own unique ways, whether it be Toppin who thrives on the fast break, or Quickley who’s known for his step-back threes and signature floater.

Yet as welcome a sight as it is to see second-year players finding their own on offense, it’s defense that will earn (and has earned) them playing time under head coach Tom Thibodeau.

In that regard, Toppin’s made more progress of the two, albeit at an advantage with his 6’9 frame and 7’2 wingspan.

Which is exactly why, as is being reported, Quickley’s reached out to one of the best defenders in the NBA to pick up some pointers going into year two.

Quickley Seeks Out Holiday

In her latest feature for The Ringer, a phenomenal, eye-opening read into the upbringing of Immanuel Quickley, Mirin Fader dropped a small scoop that should have fans giddy for the guard’s NBA future:

Quickley thinks Jrue Holiday is the best defender in the league and continues to seek him out for pointers. ‘Jrue says it’s effort, energy, and knowing people’s tendencies.’ Holiday shared with him that being great defensively also has to do with experience; just getting older, smarter.

Holiday, of course, is a three-team All-Defensive team recipient, and reigning NBA champion with the Milwaukee Bucks.

The 13-year veteran is often regarded as the best one-on-one defender in the league, with career averages of 1.5 steals per game and a 109 Defensive Rating.

So for Quickley to seek out the guard, in hopes of betting his IQ on that end of the ball, is only a good sign.

And continues to speak to the top work ethic that is so often associated with the gym rat, and 22-year old guard.

If the results prove similar to his growth on the offensive end, then the New York Knicks have a future All-Star on their hands.

Quickley, Knicks Make History

Immanuel Quickley and the New York Knicks are off to a strong start to the season, including a recent record-breaking performance against the Orlando Magic.

At the five-and-a-half-minute mark of the fourth quarter, the second-year guard hit a three-pointer from the left corner, marking the team’s 21st on the evening.

It also broke the Knicks’ franchise record for most threes made in a regular-season game, previously held by the 2012-2013 team who hit 20 threes on April 9th, 2013.

New York put away a rebuilding Magic team with ease and set an impressive offensive record along the way.

And for the first time since that 2012-2013 season, the Knicks won two consecutive games to start the year.

Even still, if their latest performance is any indicator, the best is yet to come for this year’s New York Knicks.

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