Jalen Brunson Provides Questionable Injury Update as Knicks Prep For Playoffs

Jalen Brunson, New York Knicks

Getty Jalen Brunson of the New York Knicks greets teammates during a time out in the fourth quarter against the Indiana Pacers.

As they approach the start of their 2023 playoff run, the New York Knicks are hoping that hobbled point guard Jalen Brunson can get back to full strength after having been relegated to the sidelines in five of their final eight games of the season due to a nagging hand ailment.

Though this time off, coupled with the days of rest and rehabilitation that have come since Eastern Sunday’s finale are certainly needed and, hopefully, benefiting his recovery, in a recent media session the 26-year-old provided a questionable update on his ailment.

Though Brunson suggested he’s heading in the right direction, the guard did not specify whether or not he’ll be coming into the series at 100 percent health.

“[It’s] good. Getting better. I’m able to do whatever I need to do,” Jalen Brunson said when asked how his hand was doing.

Though phrases such as “good” and “better” certainly have positive connotations attached to them, Jalen Brunson’s open-ended response where he said he can do what he “needs to” seems like he’s indicating he’ll play through lingering pain rather than that he’s pain-free.

Brunson Name-Dropped By Cavs Coach When Talking Knicks

A fully healthy Jalen Brunson has proven to be an absolute menace for opposing clubs to go up against and their first-round opponent in the Cleveland Cavaliers knows full well what he’s capable of.

In a recent media session following their regular season finale on Easter Sunday, Cavs coach JB Bickerstadff discussed his club’s upcoming matchup against New York and described the point guard’s last outing against them as something that has Cleveland on “high alert” heading into their upcoming series.

“The game that Jalen Brunson had put us on high alert,” Bickerstaff said. “I think that’s a good thing for us. To have that appropriate fear of your opponent…We’ll use it, we’ll watch the film, we’ll figure it out, and we’ll be better.”

The game to which Bickerstaff is referring is their March 31 matchup out in Cleveland where Jalen Brunson dropped a career-high 48 points to go along with 9 assists, 4 rebounds.

The Knicks went on to win the contest by a final score of 130-116.

Julius Randle Target Return to Knicks Rotation Revealed

It’s no secret that Knicks big Julius Randle is looking to get back to the hardwood as soon as possible for his club and, according to Sam Amico of Hoops Wire, the two-time All-Star is targeting his Saturday’s Game 1 as his return date.

“Multiple sources have told Hoops Wire that Randle is targeting a return for Game 1,” Amico wrote.

The idea of seeing Julius Randle making his way back to the lineup for Game 1 after being sidelined for nearly two weeks due to a grueling ankle sprain should absolutely be a goal for all fans to root for.

However, Amico would add in his report that the 28-year-old’s status still “appears to be very much in limbo.”