Proposed Trade Lands Knicks in Top 4 of Upcoming NBA Draft

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Getty The Knicks could unload some big contracts.

The New York Knicks are picking No. 11 in the upcoming NBA Draft this June, but there’s a sense they could trade up, possibly into the top five.

Compared to last year’s draft, there’s a sense that this class isn’t as deep, but there are some prospects that would come in and instantly help a team like Chet Holmgren. While the Knicks aren’t expected to make a splash of that caliber, there are still some pathways for the team to snag a higher selection in this draft.

As it stands right now, the Knicks aren’t expected to do anything but select who they believe to be best for them at No. 11, but a lot can change between now and June’s draft.

Knicks Could Move Up

RJ Barrett Knicks

GettyNew York Knicks forward RJ Barrett.

While the Knicks might not be in position to compete for a championship at the moment, they do have assets available to make a splash in a trade that could get them closer to that goal.

An NBA general manager speaking to’s Sean Deveney says the Knicks could potentially move up in the draft, and it could come down to a pair of their coveted future draft picks. New York holds the Mavericks’ first-rounder and Pistons’ second round pick in 2023. In the case of the Mavericks pick, that will remain Dallas’ if it falls within the top 10 which is a very unlikely scenario.

“A lot of teams would rather have that Detroit pick than the Dallas pick, you have more flexibility with second-rounders and they won’t be that far apart,” the GM told “If they can make a pick swap only, and it costs them the Dallas pick next year and the Detroit second-rounder, it is a lot to give up, but that could land them in the Top 4. It is a significant move for them.”

In this scenario it would be a simple moving around of picks, and if the Knicks are able to convince a team in the top 4, the Kings or Pistons as an example, to part ways with their pick, then New York could offer valuable assets in return

The GM does mention that it’s a lot to give up, but if it results in a franchise-changing move then the Knicks could pull the trigger.

There have been reports the Kings are open to trading their pick, so that could end up being a target for the Knicks pursue.

Would it be Worthwhile?

Julius Randle, New York Knicks

GettyJulius Randle, New York Knicks

Something the Knicks will need to address in the offseason is their point guard position. A name like Jaden Ivey would be a good fit for the Knicks, but he’s highly unlikely to be available by the time they pick at 11.

However moving into the Top 5 could make getting him easier, and they might find it to be beneficial moving up there if he’s left on the table.

Outside of Ivey, if the opportunity arises for the Knicks to grab somebody like Holmgren, Jabari Smith or Paolo Banchero then you can likely expect them to do just that. Those are the three prospects that are expected to go in the Top 3, so it doesn’t seem like any of those teams will be trading out of their respective positions, but a lot can happen.

The NBA Draft is June 23 and the offseason hasn’t truly kicked off yet, so there are likely to be many moving parts in the weeks ahead.

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