Former Knicks’ Favorite Signs Deal With Detroit Pistons: Report

New York Knicks, Taj Gibson, Detroit Pistons

Getty Taj Gibson on the floor.

Former New York Knicks center Taj Gibson is signing a deal with the Detroit Pistons for the remainder of the season, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. Gibson is expected to sign on Saturday, March 16, according to Wojnarowski. The veteran is finishing up his 10-day deal with the Pistons after serving two 10-day stints with the Knicks this season.

When asked about Gibson, Pistons head coach Monty Williams said he loved having veterans around, according to Mike Curtis of the Detroit News.

“I just like having another veteran guy around our team. We look at Evan and how he’s had an impact on the floor and in some other areas. Taj is an example of how you handle your business on the court, it can pay dividends in other areas.”

Gibson gives the Pistons an adult in the locker room, something that’s invaluable. For the Knicks, Gibson won’t be finishing the season with them, which was believed to be possible in recent weeks.

What Taj Gibson Brings the Pistons

Gibson has been with the Detroit Pistons since March 7. In the five games he’s been on the roster, he hasn’t played one minute. While it’s possible that he could see the court in the future, Gibson’s there to be a veteran presence and do whatever he’s needed to do.

There aren’t many who buy into their role like Gibson does as the 38-year-old understands at this point in his career, he’s on teams to help others. That was the case when he was with the New York Knicks, too.

Gibson spoke about what he can bring to the Pistons, saying the following, according to Omari Sankofa II of Detroit Free Press:

“Just be myself, just be Taj,” Gibson said.  “When I talked to Troy, because Troy brought me to Oklahoma City and I always had a liking for Troy, how he carried himself. He was nonchalant, a great role model. When he called me, he just said ‘Taj, I just need you to be Taj Gibson.’

“I was like, ‘Yeah, no problem.’”

His impact has already been seen as former lottery pick James Wiseman praised him for helping him.

Gibson Gave the Knicks Similar Value

When Gibson signed his two 10-day contracts with the New York Knicks, he gave them insurance as they were dealing with injuries. Gibson played 10.3 minutes per game in the 16 games he was on the team.

His value, however, was given by being a professional in the locker room and helping his teammates in New York, too.

Williams has continuously had good things to say about him, saying he’s a great example for the rest of the players on the Detroit Pistons.

“His presence, his experience is much needed, and he went through a light practice today running sprints, trying to stay in shape,” Williams said.

“I think he’s a great example of a pro. I can talk about guys like that all day. Somebody that I coached against, I absolutely just hated what he did for his teams in Chicago with Thibs. I’m sure he’s upset that we have him here. Just a really good basketball player and he’s a great example for our guys.”

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