Knicks Urged to ‘Do Anything to Get’ 2-Time All-Star This Offseason

zach lavine

Getty Zach LaVine could be a future Knick.

The New York Knicks will have a busy offseason ahead of them as they work to upgrade their roster in an effort to return to the playoffs.

Being one of the biggest markets in the NBA means a lot of different names will be linked to them, and while a lot of them are just smoke, there will be some that make some sense for the Knicks.

The Knicks could use some veteran leadership that can contribute to the team’s success, and Chicago Bulls All-Star Zach LaVine would make a lot of sense.

Sports Illustrated’s Ben Stinar believes the Knicks should do “anything” to acquire him the offseason, no matter how unlikely it’d be. LaVine is a free agent, so anything could happen, but the Knicks would certainly need a lot to go right to get him.

LaVine to New York

Bulls star Zach LaVine

GettyBulls star Zach LaVine.

While the Bulls are now better than they have been since Derrick Rose was in town, they still got bounced in the first round and LaVine will be looking for a big contract, after he enjoys himself of course.

At 27 years old, the next contract he gets will take him through his prime, so whatever team pays him will more than likely getting the best version of him. Stinar argues this is why the Knicks should pursue him.

“Ultimately, the Knicks are stuck in the middle of being a mediocre playoff team or a young rebuilding team and LaVine would instantly boost them up to being a contender in the east (depending on who they could keep in a sign-and-trade),” he wrote. “In addition, the Knicks have been missing a true star or face of the franchise, and LaVine can be that at his age and with the way he plays.”

The Knicks will need to free up some cap space to make a deal like this happen, so that would mean Kemba Walker would need to be traded, and most likely Evan Fournier.

Getting a talent like LaVine could be worth that, but the Knicks would need to make sure they can fill up the roster around him. RJ Barrett and Julius Randle are a good start to pair with LaVine, but what would they have outside of him?

Big Offseason Ahead

No matter what the Knicks do, it’s clear this will be an important offseason for New York.

There’s a nice core to build around in New York, and if the front office decides to do so, they could dangle some of that young talent in an effort to land an established star. Knicks fans have been starving for a successful team, so this would be a perfect time to start building one.

The two big signings of last season ended up not meaning a whole lot to the team’s overall success. Walker will be out the door looking for a new team this summer and while Evan Fournier is now the franchise record holder in total threes made for the Knicks, it didn’t bring the team to the playoffs.

Buckle up Knicks fans because this will be an important summer.

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