Sixers Among Teams Interested in $94 Million Sharpshooter: Report

Daryl Morey

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While the Philadelphia 76ers may be dealing with a tricky situation with James Harden at the moment, there could be a light at the end of the tunnel. On September 20, The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported that Buddy Hield was made available via trade by the Indiana Pacers, then revealed on September 21 on “The Rally” that the Sixers were among the teams interested in acquiring Hield.

“The Lakers were long rumored for Buddy Hield, but you look at teams like Dallas, Philly, Milwaukee. Those are the types of teams that could definitely use a shooter like Buddy Hield. I think they’ve had a level of interest in him over the last several months, and of course, no deal has happened yet,” Charania said.

Having a sharpshooter played a role in how “The Process” began to thrive in Philadelphia, as JJ Redick’s spacing proved to be a useful asset next to Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. While the Sixers may no longer have Simmons – and Harden appears to be on his way out one way or the other – Hield would basically give them a younger version of what Redick brought to them.

Hield is also pretty durable as an NBA player, having played 80 or more games in five of his seven NBA seasons.

Danny Green May Be Cut to Make Room for Kelly Oubre Jr.

With Kelly Oubre Jr. added into the mix, the Sixers have 16 players under contract full-time on their roster, while the NBA’s maximum is 15. That means someone will have to be waived to make room for Oubre, who certainly won’t be getting waived pending any unforeseen changes.

Sixers Wire’s Ky Carlin explained why the newly returned Sixer Danny Green could be the one that hits the road.

“Green is back with the Sixers on a fully non-guaranteed deal until opening night. Therefore, it would cost the Sixers nothing if they were to waive him between now and then. After two seasons with the Sixers, the 36-year-old played just 11 games in the 2022-23 season for the Memphis Grizzlies and the Cleveland Cavaliers. He had to recover from a torn ACL and LCL that he suffered in Philadelphia’s Game 6 loss elimination loss to the Miami Heat in 2022,” Carlin wrote in a September 21 story.

If the Sixers acquire Hield, Green’s role would become even more obsolete with another sharpshooter on the team. However, Green brings championship experience and a good locker room presence. On that alone, he may be worth keeping.

Insider Believes James Harden Talks Will Start Again

On the September 19 episode of “NBA Today,” Zach Lowe said that he believes that the Sixers and Los Angeles Clippers will start discussing a Harden trade again, though he didn’t specify when that would happen.

“I don’t think we’ve seen the last of those talks. I have a feeling those talks will be reignited at some point,” Lowe said.

If and when they do, the Pacers could potentially be a third team to facilitate a trade that would land them Buddy Hield. Hield may not be a star, but he is a productive player who is better than anything the Clippers would have to offer out of their expendable assets.

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